Eleni Mitzali
Managing Editor
Eleni's ability to organize the lives of everyone around her is rivaled only by her ability to misuse the word "vibes" in quite literally every situation. Things she's called "vibes" this week include a specific kind of peanut, a six-pack of hangers, and the pen she was taking notes with…
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Lady Gaga apologizes for working with R. Kelly

She’s removing their song from streaming services

SURVEY: Take babe’s audience survey for a chance to win a custom babe hat

Your answers are confidential

Here’s how to help Lauren’s Law pass the Oklahoma Senate

‘I’m ready to take on the Senate’

Lauren says she was raped at a high school party. He denied it. So she started taking screenshots

‘I’m not saying what I did was ok’

Can you consent while drunk? Take babe’s alcohol and consent survey

All answers are anonymous

Sex IRL: The lesbian having sex with her first guy and loving it

‘Five years of eating pussy did nothing to prepare me for this’

Is Taylor Swift performing at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show with Harry Styles?

Could it be?

An 18-year-old girl says she was raped by two cops who claim it was ‘consensual’

The rape kit shows signs of sexual assault

Listen to Taylor Swift’s new song ‘Ready For It’ right now and then wake everyone up to do the same

My body is ready

At this school, girls aren’t allowed to model their own dress code so they make boys do it

‘It’s funny until it’s not’

This girl’s outfit was called ‘inappropriate’ so she’s trying to change her school’s dress code

‘My self expression should not be treated as a distraction’

Here’s how we’ve kicked guys out of our beds the morning after when they just couldn’t take a hint


The gods have relieved us of pimple popping and hair waxing and given us the gift of lipstick smushing

Prepare to be mesmerized

Sorority girls tell you exactly how to get a bid to the house you want

Don’t look like a scrub

Sex IRL: The massage therapist who doesn’t get her happy ending

‘He can tell I’m nervous as I haven’t had a dick this big for ages’

Sorority girls reveal how vicious rush actually is

‘They’ll call you out if you don’t have your hair curled or if you didn’t wear the right lip color’

Low-rise jeans and belly buttons are trying to make a comeback and I’d like you to join me in my quest to stop them

My abs aren’t ready for this

Sex IRL: The 22-year-old using FaceTime for everything but some face time

‘We sext as I make the hour commute to my office. I tell him how wet I am when I arrive’

QUIZ: Can you remember who said what on ‘Is It Just Me?’

‘Suck a dick and choke, Katie’

I could only find one person who cares about Katy Perry hosting the 2017 VMAs

I wonder where all her really real Twitter followers are now

Ed Sheeran was on Game of Thrones last night and fans are really confused

Why you gotta ruin this, Ed?

A selection of the ugliest swimsuits you can buy that will make you love that one bikini you’ve had for years

What were they thinking?

When you find out that guys fake orgasms too, you’re going to replay every single time you’ve ever had sex

I feel betrayed

Sex IRL: The horny intern who has never masturbated

‘Even after reading countless step-by-step guides, I still don’t get it’

Serena Williams doesn’t have time for this bullshit

Boy, bye

Why your emotionless sex has become dangerous, according to an expert

We spoke to Dr Lisa Wade, the author of American Hookup

This sculpture of nude Kate Moss is fucking terrifying

This sculpture has seen things

‘Bachelor in Paradise’ will continue filming after investigation concludes there was ‘no sexual assault’

‘The tape does not support any charge of misconduct by a cast member’

‘I know she would have wanted it if she were conscious’: High school girls are exposing their classmates who think rape is OK

‘It’s only rape if she’s kicking and screaming’

Your nipples will love being hugged by these cute lil florals this summer


Cockblocking: When a girl prevents a guy from getting with our friend because she wants us to, trust me

The truth coming to you from the ‘super annoying friend’

If you’re looking for someone to call ‘daddy’ today, here’s a list of hot dads to quench your thirst

Happy Daddy’s Day

You will never be able to unsee this hairy one piece

I’m not even sorry

Why is The Daily Mail calling these celeb outfits ‘wardrobe malfunctions’ when they’re clearly #looks?

They didn’t ‘accidentally’ go braless

FACT: The guys complaining about Amber Rose’s nude are the same guys sending unsolicited dick pics

‘Nobody asked to see that’

Guys have fucked half the number of people they claim, data shows

Dudes lie

What happened when these girls put up a poster about feminism is why we need feminism

‘Anti male,’ ‘A joke’ and ‘Hairy’ were just some of the responses

Why do guys call girls sluts?

If you wear shorts you’re a slut, sorry

These girls went to see Ariana Grande in concert. Instead they witnessed a terrorist attack

‘As we were walking away we saw kids and adults crying, parents looking and screaming for their children, people covered in blood’

Mankinis have come for the male romper as this summer’s hottest trend

It even has a cutout

What happened when these girls put up a poster asking their high school what ‘Feminism Is’ is why we need feminism

‘Anti male,’ ‘A joke’ and ‘Hairy’ were just some of the responses

People are really into this guy who brought food and roses to a girl in the library

That’s sweet, but I want to know how he screwed up

The best tweets from last night’s Met Gala to satisfy your thirst for fire memes

But seriously, why is Kylie still invited?

Guys who ask ‘Was it good for you?’ after sex seriously need a lesson in Clit 101

Boy, do they know how to kill the mood they never set

There’s a secret Snapchat hack that will literally make you go ‘whaaaat?!’

You can now give your dick appointments the eggplant emojis they deserve

I wore lingerie as outerwear and am literally about to set the rest of my wardrobe on fire right now

I have never been so worried about popping a tit while doing simple tasks like reaching for a pen or breathing

Milo Yiannopoulos plans ‘comeback’ at UC Berkeley ‘whether university administrators and violent far-left antifa thugs like it or not’

He wants to set up tents on Sproul Plaza, the location of February’s protest

Campus on lockdown because a student brought a NERF gun to school

He was just playing Humans Vs Zombies

Girls are calling out a former Bachelorette contestant for tweeting ‘You’re only a woman if the good Lord made you to birth children!’

Joshua Albers was a contestant on The Bachelorette and the Bachelor in Paradise in 2015

Literally every single way you’ve gotten away with posting sexy pics on Instagram because you’re a creative genius

And you deserve a round of applause

I don’t care if this study says girls’ periods don’t sync up, I’m going to believe it’s a real thing till I die

Science is really just lies

Apparently the newest sexist trend is pulling down women’s tank-tops without permission

And ‘we’re asking for it’

If girls won Oscars for faking orgasms and everything else we do every day

And the Academy Award for not punching someone on day one of your period goes to…

Your definitive guide to eye fucking guys at a bar

99 percent success rate guaranteed

QUIZ: Which Beyoncé are you?

Are you Lemonade Bey or Single Ladies Bey?

QUIZ: How chill are you?

Can you hang? Take our quiz to find out

I want him to text me just so I can ignore him

Also me: Why is he ignoring me?

We did it, ladies! Republican men think it’s a better time to be a woman

Pussy can stop grabbing back now

These girls from Chicago’s toughest area raised $2,000 to join the Women’s March on Washington

‘This is our country, we have to take it back’

Valentine’s Day is literally right around the corner — are you stressed yet?


QUIZ: How savage are you?

Are you savage af or just a tiny bit sassy?

Every type of girl you are on social media

Snapchat just brings out the ‘woo’ in you

Tyra Banks’ best ANTM moments, because it will never truly be the same again

It’s the end of a Ty-era

Don’t screw this up now, John Kasich

There is still hope for women’s abortion rights in Ohio

This empowering quote from Hillary Clinton’s concession speech is the most retweeted political tweet of 2016

Hillary reassured us that our fight isn’t over

Urban Dictionary’s definitions of ‘feminism’ are so wrong they are hilarious

Feminism: ‘A movement of whiny bitches’

#GreySweatpantsChallenge is the latest fuckboy trend and it’s too good to be true


We pranked our exes by telling them we’re coming to their Thanksgiving dinner

Why would it be awkward?

Our favorite male feminists to celebrate International Men’s Day

Thanks, boys

I used a future baby picture maker to see what my children with Joe Biden will look like

I shall call him Joe Junior

This election hurts us, but our mothers are broken

It’s time for us to put them back together

These women waiting for Trump at The White House are all of us

I feel you, ladies

Every girl knows how Hillary Clinton feels right now

Are you even surprised?

Pantsuit Nation is the space we all needed, and the future we all want

‘Today, it definitely feels like a uniform for this shared sisterhood’

EXCLUSIVE: There is now a complete Donald Trump Burn Book and it’s so satisfying

One for you, Melania!

We spoke to the girl who made a Burn Book entry for Donald Trump

It was about time someone called him a ‘fugly slut’

These girls wore real texts from guys and went as fuckboys for Halloween

Snapbacks included

Women get paid 20 percent less, so we spent a day doing 20 percent less of everything

Sorry not sorry I didn’t make you come

Stop what you’re doing! Girls can’t do anything on their period

Let alone be president

THREE news outlets just published fresh claims about Trump’s treatment of women

The New York Times, CBS and the Palm Beach Post just carpet-bombed the embattled candidate

We acted like fuckboys for a night and now get why guys do it

It’s liberating

We are the women of the SEC and we will wear whatever we want

Don’t cover it up, ladies

These women’s iconic answers in interviews still have us bowing down

‘A man is absolutely not a necessity’

It’s 2016, going topless shouldn’t be illegal anymore in any state

‘It’s the perfect time to be topless’

Supposedly millennials have less sex. I’m not convinced

What about the women who feel empowered to say yes?

We don’t care if you can see our nipples through our tops

Serena Williams caused a stir at Wimbledon and we have no idea why!

UW-Madison sophomore found dead in Rome

Beau Solomon had been missing since Thursday night

These are all the ways you’ve ever saved a guy’s number

There will only ever be one ‘Jarod the Bible guy’

The guide to texting fuckboys

How to deal with guys over the phone

What it feels like getting both your nipples pierced

Going braless just got an upgrade

Apparently condoms don’t actually affect a guy’s performance

They will probably still complain about it though

I took a selfie a day during the last month of my Architecture degree

I was getting an average of four and a half hours sleep – every other day

Watch these total strangers fall in love on the campus Snapchat story

For the rest of us, here’s to another day of using the dog filter

Neo-Nazi posters spotted at Boston University

One of the posters says ‘Black Lives Don’t Matter’

If you have a British accent, girls will automatically be attracted to you

Harry Potter ruined all men for us

BREAKING: Trump wins all five primaries

Results are yet to be announced in for the Democratic party in Rhode Island and Connecticut

It’s not an alcohol problem if you’re drinking wine with your best friend

On a Tuesday night

Studying Architecture is the best and worst time of your life

How many hours did you sleep last night?

Missoula is the best place to grow up in the world, let alone Montana

Go Griz

I’m addicted to taking selfies

It’s time to face up to it

Stop giving me ‘that look’ when I tell you I’m from Greece

Yeah that one