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UEA Goes Dating is back and this is how you can apply

One of our couples got engaged: You can’t dispute our success rate

Have you, like many others, not come across the one? Are you the single friend? Struggling to find someone to stay longer than the morning after the LCR? You are not alone and we are back to help you find your perfect match! 80 per cent of Brits meet the love of their lives at uni… for all you know, yours could be right here at UEA.

We are re-opening the doors of UEA’s successful dating agency to once again help you locate your better half! The first couple we ever matched are now engaged and planning a 2021 wedding, so there’s no denying our intricate matching system really works.

Just fill out the form below, and we’ll pair you with your ideal partner! Then let fate run its course and perhaps you too will find your soulmate!