This is what your choice of study space at UEA says about you

This is for those people who decide to play drill loudly in the library on a Monday night

We all work better in different environments, depending on how we like to study and what who we’re studying with, everyone’s got a preference. So, surprisingly how you like to study can reveal a lot about what kind of uni student you are:


If you’re here you’re pretty free-spirited, and can easily switch between conversations and work. I would be amazed if anyone could finish their summative here, but it’s a great place to do some casual reading. If you’re working here you’re open to having a chat, bumping into your friends, and talking to the friendly uni staff. You’re more open, love casually working and planning, and are always caffeinated.

Anywhere outside

Oh yes, I see you. The ones sitting on the grass by the lake, in the square, even on the concrete tables outside of Unio. You’re free, you’re easy going, the sun was out so you just decided to take your work outside as you want to be with nature., never mind that the wind might blow all your papers away. Especially with UEA’s big lake right next to campus that’s perfect, right? Well that’s one type of person. The other person studying outside has either been forced to study with the aforementioned or is a fresher desperately trying to finish assignments whilst their flatmates try and see how much of the SU’s wine they can drink until they fall down the steps of the square.

Campus Kitchen

If you’re working in the Campus Kitchen, and its lunchtime then you’re a bit of a workaholic. Convinced that working over lunchtime will help you go that extra mile ahead of everyone and win you that first but ultimately it just makes you more stressed about how to multitask eating and typing at the same time. If it’s not lunchtime, then I’m guessing you like to study with food around, the ultimate motivation. Or, you’re not really planning to study at all, but getting your books out as you talk with your mates for an afternoon makes you feel better about all the coursework you’re supposed to be doing. This is definitely me.

Social spaces in the library, specifically floors zero and one

The library is a great place to study, it’s a shame its been divided up into places you can talk and places you can’t. Surprisingly, this has created a mix of different alliances and feuds, depending on the kind of studier you are. If you’re in the social spaces, you’re probably a fresher. I know this because if I have to hear one more person tell me how they didn’t go to their 9am because they were so hungover, I’m going to scream. These are also the places where, because they’re talking floors, people seem more than entitled to yell loudly with their friends, whilst seemingly forgetting that everyone around them MIGHT actually be trying to work.

Unsocial spaces in the library, specifically floors two, three, 01 and 02

Ah, the sanctuary. These floors are beautiful. Where even if you just open a crisp packet, you’re likely to be heard by at least the entire floor. Filled with third years with the same look of despair I currently have on my face, this is the place to study. The camaraderie is different here in the trenches and it’s honestly the only place you can be together but blissfully alone at the first time. If you’re coming here, you are most likely a very stressed out third year or postgrad whose made friends with the regulars, or a wide-eyed second year whose discovering what it’s like to NOT hear people through your headphones.


You would think this is for the same coffee lovers found in Unio, but Ziggy’s is very different. It’s a little bit out of the general flow of students walking from different classes; so if you’re coming to Ziggy’s chances are you’re there to actually study, but you need a little bit of background noise to work. It’s usually filled with teachers or gentle coffee dates, and honestly their jacket potatoes make my day. You’re probably pretty friendly, gentle, but ultimately ready to work.

INTO building

Either you’re a tutor whose worked at the university for a long time and discovered this little slice of heaven is the best way to avoid seeing any of your students at lunchtime, or you happened to stumble in over the last year from walking to the Blackdale building. Absolutely the best place to have lunch, never overcrowded, and set up EXACTY like an old school cafeteria with full dinners ready at a reasonable price. If you’re studying here, you’ve really been everywhere.You’re a BNOC, the GOAT, and you’re probably as obsessed with food as I am. Plus, it has a great view.

SU Bar

Let’s admit it, we’ve all done this: Eyed up the SU Bar just as it was opening up for lunch and thought “Well, one pint couldn’t hurt” and you purposefully get out your laptops ready to work alongside your pint. But the truth is the pool table is calling your name. If you’re trying to study in the bar, don’t worry, you’re not an alcoholic. You just need a break, and deep down you knew no work would be done at the pub.

Scholar’s Bar

See, this is a different story. The Scholar’s Bar is classy and mature where people actually WANT to combine drinking and study. I’ve never been in, but I know all of us undergrads look at how nice the glossy tables are and admired how cool the person working at them looks in their blazer. Yes, you guys DO look good. You guys are academically driven and fashionable. *sigh* You’re everything I wish I got up early enough to be.

Bookable spaces

You guys are monsters. Yes, you always come in groups and YES you are always a disturbance. Does any actual work get done in these rooms? Seriously, it just looks like shenanigans. It honestly sounds like so much fun and if I wasn’t so buried in coursework I probably wouldn’t hate you all so much. But seriously. Shut up.

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