10 iconic Norwich BeReals that every UEA student has definitely taken

The few BeReals that weren’t taken in bed or at work

Now we may all be into different things, but there are definitely a few iconic places around campus and beyond that prove we’re all really out here living the same life as students of UEA. Thank goodness we have BeReal to publish it for all our friends to see. Whether you’re currently knee-deep in summatives or  enjoying everything UEA has to offer, you’ve defo taken twinning photos or wished BeReal had gone off in these classic spots.

Having a picnic around the lake

One of the best things about UEA is its beautiful lake. Especially, when you’re a fresher, the lake is right next to the Ziggurats and a coveted spot to enjoy the sun or go for a walk. Any excuse to meet cute dogs and ducks alike. Plus, it’s a great place to go for a picnic in the summer months.

Feeding the ponies

If you go along the lake, there’s a path on the far left to go down a windy wooden path, which eventually reaches a small farm full of ponies and horses. Maybe this used to be a secret, but everyone goes to feed the ponies when they can, especially the one with an emo fringe. Here’s Katie’s #ponyselfie.

Cramming in the library

As a final year student most of my BeReals have been taken in the library this year. UEA has a five floor library so there’s definitely enough space for everyone, including sofas and nap rooms so it really has lots to offer. Most of these are my attempts to finish my coursework at the last minute.

A night out at the LCR

Whether you’re a fresher or a third year, you’ve been to the LCR. It is host to some of the world’s favourite bands including Scouting for Girls, Declan McKenna, and Loyle Carner, as well as hosting our on campus club nights. On Tuesdays, you can enjoy a cheesy themed Damn Good night or A-List on Saturdays.

Grabbing a coffee and quick gossip at Unio Café

Unio is one of the main campus cafes seated centrally between The Hive and the library. You’re bound to run into someone you know, or you can spend your time listening to the dulcet tones from the piano placed in the middle of the chaos.

Those treasured five minute breaks in seminars

Absolutely needed and one of the rare occasions to look at my phone before the second half begins. Or in some cases, winning a can of beans for best dressed on Halloween.

A trip to Gorleston Beach

One of the lucky things about Norwich being far east, is that it’s so close to some amazing beaches. As someone who grew up in the Midlands this never fails to make me smile. Most of these beaches are all reachable by bus for only £2 until April.

Being a fresher in the Ziggurats

How could you not include these? They’re so fun and different right down to the bright green lockers in the kitchens and their beautifully big windows. You can see all kinds of seasons from those windows, especially with the lake being a stones throw away. If you’re on the ground floor you might even be lucky enough to see baby bunnies dart out of a hole right next to your window.

Cheeky pint at the SU Bar

As a student, the pub is often where my BeReals are taken, either after work or lectures. The SU bar happens to be perfectly placed at the mouth of The Square and right across from Campus Kitchen. With a great selection and great prices, lots of BeReals have been taken here. The other BeReal is from Norwich Playhouse, a cute bar on the riverside that also hosts comedy gigs.

Playing on the Grass  at Eaton Park

UEA has two parks either side of campus: Eaton park and Earlham park and both happen to have the cutest cafes. Absolutely perfect when you have to wake up early to watch your boyfriend’s football game.

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