10 self care tips for every UEA student in semester two

Ways to stay sane until the Easter break

Semester two: drinking Pimm’s from the SU bar every day, having barbecues by the lake, walking home in the daylight from lectures – these are the things I hope to look forward to this term.

However, there is undeniably a lot of work that still needs to be done and stress can amount quickly.  As someone who takes on a magnitude of work, I always feel I have too much to do. Even if you aren’t feeling stressed (lucky you), I still think this article is still worth reading. Considering I’m stressed and to top it off I study drama – which yes, requires work – I imagine there are students out there who are more stressed than I am.

A celebrity podcast I listen to claimed they went to a spa retreat in Austria to “unwind”. As a student, I didn’t find this tip particularly relatable – unless anyone wants to sponsor me to do a review on this trip. So, instead, I’ve come up with better ideas on how you can take care of yourself until the Easter break rolls around:

1. Try a new recipe

My TikTok feed is full of quick, easy recipes that any student can try. To keep it real, my blender did explode on one occasion as it can take a few attempts to master a new meal. But, it’s the effort that counts.

2. Go on a walk

Yes. I am actually saying you should do what everyone did in lockdown for over a year. As the weather gets sunnier there is no excuse not to go outside. Or, go into the city with friends and pick one of the many coffee shops or places for brunch.

3. Listen to a podcast

Podcasts help to unwind and are a good way to keep chores less mundane. My current favourite is Emma Neill (Olivia Neill’s sister if that rings a bell) and she chats on random topics each week. Also, Emma is a university student so the podcast has a relatable tone and is super easy listenin.

4. Watch a TV show with housemates

“Love Island at 9pm?” is the most frequently sent text in the house chat. We might lose some brain cells whilst watching but it is a good way to bond in the evening.

5. A face mask

There are super cheap face masks that are available to buy and I always try to have one spare after a chaotic day. Having one handy after a chaotic day is always a good idea.

6. A night out

Strictly speaking, the hangover (depending on your alcohol intake) might not feel the best. However, university is about balancing social life and work so enjoying yourself is important. A favourite is The Wallows wine bar in Norwich, which has 25 per cent off all wine on Wednesdays – just saying.

7. Join a society

It is never too late to join a club. If you’re nervous then perhaps ask a friend to go with you. I promise having an extra-curricular in the evening will fill up some hours and be a stress relief from work.

8. Book an LCR gig

UEA is lucky to have a music venue on its doorsteps and there are always good acts performing. If it’s within your budget, having a concert to look forward to is always motivating to see in the diary.

9. Make a Pinterest board

If arts and crafts isn’t your thing then putting images into a folder is a lot simpler. Having mood or vision boards can be a relaxing way of setting goals. Or, it can just be something aesthetically pleasing to look at.

10. Make a tea or coffee

Not saying this is first class advice but this is my favourite tea that even my housemates have claimed is life changing and is available in ALDI.

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