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Call us Cupid: UEA Goes Dating couple ENGAGED

Excuse us while we buy a hat for the wedding

You may remember reading about James and Hannah's first date after they were set up by yours truly as part of the below-average dating service: UEA Goes Dating.

On New Year's Day, James got in touch with The Norwich Tab to let us know they are engaged! I caught up with the couple about everything that happened since they met…

How soon after the first date did you become official?

James: We were unofficially official pretty soon! But with our degrees getting to the tough bit we decided just to take it slowly, limiting ourselves to seeing each other once a week. The day of my final exam (about three months after our first date) I asked Hannah to be my girlfriend.

Hannah: I fell for James very quickly, I've never been shown so much love in a relationship and he honestly surprises me everyday with how amazingly lovely he is.

What was it that attracted you to each other?

James: I'm attracted to Hannah because I feel like I've never been more comfortable with someone. We spend all our time together smiling and to be honest, there's nobody else like her.

Hannah: He always does little things that just make my day. There have been so many occasions where he's been so caring and thoughtful just because, and it means a lot to me.

What have been some of your highlights from your relationship?

James: I particularly enjoyed the fact we could enjoy each other's graduation with family all around. I also really loved introducing Hannah and her brother to the other love of my life, Peterborough United back in September. Hannah's nine year old brother was actually who I asked permission from to marry Hannah!

Hannah: I remember a few months ago I was feeling hungover and rather annoyed at myself for being behind on uni work and he asked if there was anything he could do, I jokingly replied "give me a hug". As soon as I sent the message, James was at my door with flowers!

James, when did you know Hannah was the one?

James: I knew Hannah had potential to be the one straight away! But it really dawned on me over the summer; we both had jobs back at home which limited our time together, and being away from her made me realise how much I loved her.

Tell us the engagement story!

James: I kind of just jokingly said to Hannah in September what kind of ring she'd like, and she found this rose gold one from America. We looked in a lot of actual jewellers but nothing caught her eye like the American one. So I took the plunge and was nervously checking the order status for the two months it took to be made and delivered.

We'd already booked to go to Bruges for New Year, so I knew I'd propose then. I kept pointing out a really lovely bridge near our hotel and Hannah said how much she loved it too. So on New Year's Day we went out to a nice restaurant and walked over the bridge. Hannah was taking a photo and then I went down on one knee.

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Have you made any wedding plans yet?

James: Yes, we're fully immersed in Pinterest!! We have a really good idea of what we want, in an ideal world it will be in the summer of 2021 or 2022. Get writing a speech, Georgie.