UEA to knock down Norfolk Terrace with leaked email blaming Suffolk’s ‘superior’ facilities

‘The decision to demolish Norfolk Terrace has not been taken lightly’

A leaked email has revealed that University of East Anglia will be demolishing Norfolk Terrace amidst the ongoing rivalry between its student residents and those who live in Suffolk Terrace.

The email outlined that the decision had been made to rid UEA’s campus of the hall due to Suffolk Terrace’s “superior” facilities and amenities.

The demolition will take place over summer in between the university terms to minimise the impact on any students or staff.

Even though Norfolk Terrace is one of the most long-standing student accommodations, the university has said: “While this may not come as a surprise to many of you, it is important for us to acknowledge and address this discrepancy in order to uphold our commitment to providing the best possible living experience for our students.”

Regarding the disruption that could be caused the email says: “Rest assured, we are actively working to minimise any disruptions caused by the demolition process.”

Third year student April Clark, spoke to The Tab Norwich about her thoughts on the leaked information: “I’m confused as to why the university has decided one accommodation is better than the other?

“The Ziggs are a huge part of the UEA fresher experience and I don’t know why they are limiting the chance for people to live there.”

In 2023, 700 students had to relocate accommodation due to crumbling concrete (RAAC) being discovered in the Ziggurats. This led to the Ziggurats being closed until further notice.

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