Livewire Jailbreak 2018 has raised over £10,000 for charity

This year’s winning team made it as far as Denmark

UEA’s most eligible Bachelorette 2018: Round Three

Giiiiirls just wanna have fuuuuun

BREAKING: UEA lecturers reject updated pension offer

The agreement would have seen the strike halted tomorrow

Cabana Club is coming to the LCR

Just in case you hadn’t heard yet…

UEA’s Zig Zag Festival is back

If you’re a student creative type nows your time

UEA students ran up over £77,000 in library fines in 2016/17

All that money but they still charge us for printing lol

Here are UEA’s new SU Officers

Voting closed earlier today

Clubbers of the week

Shoutout to everyone who didn’t let the snow kill their vibes this past week.

The SU are promising you incentives to vote in the officer elections

In a bid to raise turnout

There’s a chance that all UEA students will have their deadlines extended

Strike action + snow = longer to procrastinate on your summative

SU Officer candidate stands down, claiming bullying and harassment within the SU

Voting opened earlier this week

Norwich church opens its doors to the homeless during extreme weather

St Peter Mancroft Church has become a safe place for those who would otherwise be sleeping in the snow

UEA’s most eligible Bachelor 2018: Round Two

There’s more!

All buses to UEA have been cancelled

First the strikes and now this!!

Mercy and Flaunt are facing potential closure

Is this RIP to Cabana Club on a Friday?!

Why UEA students should boycott the National Student Survey

There’s a reason they’re so keen for you to fill it out

UEA’s Pole Fitness are completing a 24-hour pole-a-thon

24 hours!!! Of pole dancing!!!

Everything you need to know about Sundown Festival 2018

Tickets for the Norwich festival go on sale TOMORROW.