Campus style: February Edition

This lot are keeping stylish throughout the cold

UEA has a new hummus society and we all want to join

Can they become the next BNOC?

Everything you need to know about Do Something Different Week

From making stained glass windows to trying quidditch there’s something for everyone to try.

Is this or is this not the grimmest flat at UEA?

Imagine if you lived here lol

Livewire’s Jailbreak returns to UEA

How far from campus will 2018’s teams manage to get with no money, Asia again perhaps?

Further details on the UEA strikes have been released

UEA SU has provided the details

You can now nominate yourself or a friend for an SU Officer position

Elections will be held later this year

Nominations for UEA’s most eligible bachelor and bachelorette 2018 are now open

Let’s find some fitties

Today is your LAST day to get free Domino’s pizza

Get your free Domino’s pizza whilst you still can

There’s a bubble waffle stall in The Hive today

How good do these look??

Everything you can do in Norwich this Valentine’s Day

We’ve got a list of almost everything to do in Norwich this Valentine’s Day

Take Me Out is returning to UEA

If he’s not Mr Right, turn off your light

Exclusive: The exact plans for the four weeks of staff strikes at UEA

Will we get our money back??

What your NUA degree says about you

…or not?

The campus launderette caught fire yesterday

Burn baby burn

Apparently, someone has a £429,496 fine from the library

Better be extending your overdraft ASAP

PSA: Kindly stop hating on first years in the library

We pay nine grand a year, too