Being a lifeguard is nothing like Baywatch

Don’t you DARE call me The Hoff

A rather morbid statue has been installed on top of the library

People have taken to social media to criticise the installation’s timing with exam season

Jo Swo spotted wearing a sombrero

Isn’t that culturally appropriating?

This year’s UEA Jailbreak winners reached Dubai in under 48 hours

Others managed to get as far as Gran Canaria and Italy without spending a penny

Clubbers of the Week

Another one…

These are your new full-time officers

The results were announced this Tuesday

UEA has built a 10ft statue of Cloud Dog in the Students’ Union

No. Seriously.

Hoozah! You can now fail a non-core module at UEA and not have to retake it

The Undergraduate Education Officer called this ‘a huge win for students’

The little things only mixed-race people will truly understand

‘Which race do you identify with more?’ ‘But you don’t look (insert race here)!’

I did the unthinkable and went to the LCR sober

It actually wasn’t too bad

Meet the second half of your potential Elected Officers for next year

Back at it again with the SU candidates

Meet the first lot of your potential Elected Officers for next year

Here’s everything you need to know if you haven’t voted

Studying a Film degree isn’t just sitting around watching movies and eating popcorn

It’s harder than you think

Sanitary products are now free for UEA students

They’re bloody free

Clubbers of the Week

You’re back…

The Union are providing incentives to get students to vote in the elections

All to help boost the turnout in SU elections

UEA might be cutting some courses and modules

Lack of funding could mean certain degree programmes are axed completely

UEA SU to give out leprechaun hats for Paddy’s Day, even though they banned sombreros

Jo Swo said ‘black or minority ethnic’ dress-up is a problem, not Irish culture