A body of a woman has been discovered near UEA

The woman’s death is currently being treated as unexplained

UEA students are protesting the university’s online teaching via open letter

Students are questioning the fairness of their tuition fees

UEA SU brands £30,000 student party fines ‘disproportionate’ and ‘life-altering’

They criticised the ‘no right of appeal for the hosts’

Breaking: Three UEA students have been fined £30,000 for hosting a house party

That’s more expensive than a whole three year degree

UEA is charging self-isolating students £12 per day for meals actually around £5

Students have now set up a Facebook group offering to do shopping for free

UEA does U-turn on catering prices for self-isolating students after backlash

Two weeks worth of food went from £252 to £168

UEA is offering free COVID-19 tests to students

Their aim is to limit the asymptomatic transmission of the virus

UEA first years are paying en-suite prices for twin Ziggs accommodation

It will cost each student double what they were expecting to pay

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