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UEA will remain open as usual despite coronavirus panic

The university is taking the situation ‘extremely seriously’

Student told UEA of suicidal thoughts months before his death, inquest hears

His mother has urged the university to increase contact with the families of students seeking mental health support.

UEA cancels course trip to Italy following coronavirus outbreaks

The university is looking into the situation financially but wanted to ensure no further expenses for the students

Just who is the mysterious enigma behind the incredible Minecraft UEA?

They are not the hero we deserve, but the one we need

UEA student charged £100 for stopping for 15 seconds at a zebra crossing

His mother received the letter a few days later

UEA pays out £140k compensation for leaking students’ extenuating circumstances

298 students had their personal details leaked

UEA cancels seminar by feminist speaker to ‘respect transgender community’

Professor Stock has been labelled a Trans-Exclusionary Radical Feminist

Call us Cupid: UEA Goes Dating couple ENGAGED

Excuse us while we buy a hat for the wedding