Alex Paulley

UEA students petition against confusing safety net

You can sign it here

UEA has cancelled graduation and final years are fuming

‘I think it’s absolutely outstandingly stupid to cancel graduation instead of postponing’

UEA medics will be able to graduate without doing their final exams

The Uni will instead asses their performance over the five-year course

UEA halls tell freshers they won’t replace sanitiser if people keep stealing it

This is the most Norwich thing you’ll ever read

UEA Goes Dating is back and this is how you can apply

One of our couples got engaged: You can’t dispute our success rate

I went on a UEA Real Ale Society social and it was…unexpected

I really didn’t think I’d wind up wearing a penis-shaped balloon hat.

I ate like Antoni from Queer Eye for a week to see if it would make me feel more fabulous

Can he really cook?