Jailbreak: UEA students make it to Toronto

The went and saw the Niagra Falls

In just 36 hours, Eloise Jacobi and Jamie Fennel made it to Toronto as part of UEA’s jailbreak, travelling 3,576 miles as the crow flies.

With their flights already being organised, sponsored by exmac automation, Safeway Lifting and LFE engineering ltd, getting to Gatwick was their first problem. Eloise said: “It took us just over seven hours to get to Gatwick. We hitchhiked with four different people. Sometimes it took us ten minutes to get picked up, at other times it took hours and hours. We’d been waiting at a service station for ages and it was getting pretty dark. Luckily a lady called Estelle picked us up and drove us the final leg to Gatwick”.

But once at Gatwick, they had more problems as their flight was delayed for two hours. However, when it did take off, it was only eight hours later that they landed in Toronto. Team JelBreak made it to Toronto in an astonishing 17 hours.

Eloise said: “When we got to Toronto, we realised we were nowhere near downtown. So we jumped on the train but got caught by the ticket inspector. It took a while to persuade him but it was fine in the end”.

Eloise told me that they have been to Niagara Falls and the CN tower. When asked why she chose Toronto, she said: “We chose Toronto after looking up flights. It was the furthest we could get for the lowest amount of money”. They are back on the 22nd, as they have to get on with their dissertation and final essays.

Their just giving page has raised an outstanding £1,285, and is still open to more donations. If you would like to donate, you can do so by clicking here.