You could save over £100 by driving to uni instead of getting the train

£206 for a Newcastle to London return? No thanks

After train prices have increased again this year (like they weren’t already expensive enough) who can even afford the train home these days? Unless you book months in advance, have a railcard and are willing to travel at the shittest times theres not much chance in finding a cheap deal… or even a reasonable deal at that.

While train prices are on the up, petrol prices are coming down which means those of us with a car could be saving loads by driving. According to Kwikfit, in terms of train versus car, you could be saving an average of £122 by driving to London rather then getting the train.

It’s not just the long distance London journeys, from a return to Leeds you could be saving roughly £40 and over £70 from a return to Birmingham.

Most places out of the centre in Newcastle have free parking which is another perk (unless you live in Jesmond and need a £25 permit) and give you the chance to brush up on the dreaded skill that is parallel parking.

Parking in Jesmond with no permit? Not smart

Fashion second year Kate said, “it makes more sense for me to have my car, a full tank of fuel to get me home and back is around £35 but the train is usually £50-60 so its a no brainer.”

The new car share craze is making driving even cheaper. Facebook groups like ‘Newcastle Need A Lift’ let you advertise journeys and pool for petrol money with your mates… as long as you don’t mind the arguments over the AUX cable.

The Need a Lift page is a closed group so ask around for someone to invite you in

All this being said, bringing your car to uni probably isn’t the best for a fresher. Most student halls don’t have any parking so you would have the added expense of paying private. Plus you’ll be too busy in trebles bars to be worrying about your next trip home.