Things you’ll know if you grew up in Yorkshire

Saving your dinner money for a ‘three-litre of cider’


It’s not until you leave for uni you realise how distinctively Yorkshire you are, and how things you thought were normal make absolutely no sense to anyone else not from the motherland – the poor souls.

When it comes to growing up in Yorkshire there’s things that only us Yorkshire folk understand.

We love a good bargain

You know what morngy, mardy and munk on means.

No surprisingly they’re not real words and phrases that are known to everyone. The struggle of explaining these terms is a painful experience we all have to go through.

‘Eh’ is a legitimate word

Appropriately signifies utter confusion at any occasion.

Whereas the word ‘the’ doesn’t even exist

Nope, never, it’s just not necessary in any sentence, ever (with the exception of above).

It was standard to save your dinner money for a three-litre of cider

Chipping in for a three litre of shit cider was the highlight of the weekend, drinking it on the local park listening to MC Smally on your Sony Ericsson Walkman. Those were the days.

You’re referred to as ‘our lass’ or ‘our lad’

Because how else would you identify each other? No further term of endearment is necessary. No bae’s allowed.

‘Tin tin tin’ makes perfect sense

A well known Yorkshire phrase that makes total sense. Because it in’t in tin ok?

You know what a ‘snicket’ is

We don’t have alleyways in Yorkshire.

The solution to every troubling situation is to ‘put kettle on and make a brew’

Nothing like a good old cuppa to make everything right in the world.

‘A swear down’ is a binding promise

Swearing down is some serious shit and if their mums life is involved then they may as well of made an oath in court.

Summer holidays were spent calling for your mates to see if they were ‘lecking art’

Taking out a total of £2 on a sunny day and having the time of your life.

Homemade yorkshire puddings are the only kind to exist

Non of that Aunt Bessies crap, homemade or nothing at all!

A proper pud

Asking your mate if they’ve got any ‘chuddy’ and becoming a pro drug smuggler under a classroom table.

“‘Ere don’t tell anyone mate only got 2 left.”

The only thing consumed on bonfire night is pie and peas

It baffles us that this isn’t a nationwide tradition, because it should be.

Tea cake or bread cake?

This debate could ruin friendships and break hearts.

You used to buy a 20p or ten bob mix up from tuck shop

And it was a little bag of heaven. Those days are long gone and a £2 mix up just doesn’t have the same ring to it.

You have breakfast, dinner and tea.

It’s not lunch time, it’s dinner time. It’s not dinner time, its tea time. Something you need to clear up with your southern friends before making plans to go out and eat.

Anything I’ve missed? Feel free to comment, Yorkshire folk only.