Actually, Bubbles in Ashington is the jewel in the Northern clubbing crown

What do you mean the outside toilets don’t have charm?

Northumbria campus style: Stylish in the storm

Even storm Doris couldn’t stop our students from looking good

Northumbria campus style: Back and better than ever

Your campus is their catwalk

One in 25 students at Northumbria will be a victim of burglary, robbery and sexual offences

Still less likely than Newcastle students

Snow Sports Northumbria accidentally spray-painted their logo on campus

The university isn’t happy

NORTHUMBREXIT: Petition launched to hold referendum on NUS membership

This follows Newcastle’s vote to leave last week

Nominate Northumbria’s BNOC of the year 2016

Who is the biggest name in Newcastle?

Northumbria SLAMS Oxbridge in ‘University of the year’ rankings

We beat Oxford by 27 places

Things you know if you are from the Isle of Man and living in Britain

‘No, not the Isle of Wight’

I have dyslexia and I’m launching my own business at 21

It’s made me a more driven person

Things you’ll know if you grew up in Yorkshire

Saving your dinner money for a ‘three-litre of cider’

I did my year abroad in Newcastle and I miss it more than I could say

Im experiencing a reverse culture shock returning to Pakistan

Why Northumbria should be your first choice uni


The life and times of a Subway ‘Sandwich Artist’

Yes, it is a real job title

Northumbria’s Vice-Chancellor receives CBE at Buckingham Palace

‘The recognition is for the whole university’

Everything you’ll go through living in a Northumbria house

The whole thing is a nightmare from house hunting to being denied your deposit back

There is a Stand Up Against Rape march tonight in Heaton Park

“You change a generation and it changes the generation after that and so forth”

Clubbers of the week

Like the Oscars, but for clubbing

You could save over £100 by driving to uni instead of getting the train

£206 for a Newcastle to London return? No thanks

What to buy your flatmate for Secret Santa

Under a tenner? Yes please