Nominate Northumbria’s BNOC of the year 2016

Who is the biggest name in Newcastle?

The time has come once again. It’s time to crown Northumbria’s Biggest Name on Campus 2016.

If people don’t want to be them, they probably want to be with them.

Do you or a  friend spend the whole night at Digi in the smoking area getting stopped to say hi? Can’t take a stroll down Northumberland street without being fist-bumped or waved at?

BNOC’s seem to get free entry to every club, and are on first name terms with all the promoters. They could be a promoter themselves. There’s always a table with their name on, laden with vodka.

A BNOC is someone who you may not have actually met directly, nor do you necessarily know what they do day-to-day, but everyone knows their name anyway.


If someone is causing a stir on campus, nominate them here:

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Click here if you cannot see the form.