Chanel Brown
Fashion Student - 20

Northumbria campus style: Stylish in the storm

Even storm Doris couldn’t stop our students from looking good

There is a Stand Up Against Rape march tonight in Heaton Park

“You change a generation and it changes the generation after that and so forth”

Campus style: Cold on campus edition

We’re ready for the snow

People have been queueing since Thursday to get a pair of Kanye’s shoes

It ain’t Yeezy to look this good

Campus style: Mid-November blues

For when the weather is as grey as the monument

Campus Style: End of October

Trick or Treat?

New Trebles bar in Newcastle could be blocked by police and health officials

Please don’t get rid of our trebles

Campus style: Last of Autumn

Making the most of the pre-coat weather

I lived off baby food for a week

I felt like I was eating worms

Campus style: Vote for the best dressed of the year

Who will be King and Queen of the runway?

Campus style: Bumper exams special


Northumbria celebrates 60 years of fashion futures

Backstage at the Baltic for the region’s biggest catwalk event

Tear up the rulebook, not all Christians at uni are non-drinking preachers

Yes I do drink and yes I still go out

Campus style

These guys are too cool for school

Campus Style

Watch these kids strut their stuff

Just because I don’t swear doesn’t mean I’m weird

My catchphrase is ‘flipping nora’

These were the best dressed on campus this week

These guys make it look easy

I’m sick of people telling me Fashion Design isn’t a real degree

I’m in uni seven hours a day – are you?

Carnage is so overrated

I don’t know why I bothered

Campus Style Valentines Edition

Look at these well-dressed bastards