Northumbria SLAMS Oxbridge in ‘University of the year’ rankings

We beat Oxford by 27 places

Northumbria has scaled the rankings and beaten the likes of Edinburgh, Cardiff, Cambridge and Warwick, Southampton, Liverpool, Birmingham and Oxford, in’s “University of the year” rankings.

This year we came 33rd – up from 37th last year. Over 25,000 students were asked to complete surveys on their opinion of their uni, with ten categories. A pint at Northumbria costs only £2.20, £1.30 than the £3.50 average amongst the other unis.

Did we mention trebles?

Let’s be honest, with the likes of Digi, Cosmic and Tup Tup – we’re not surprised we’ve come out on top.

We don’t just know how to have fun though. In terms of graduate prospects, a huge 94% of our grads will land a job or go into further education after graduation.

Annoyingly, we got beaten – just – by Newcastle. But who cares when we have smashed the tops unis in the worlds?