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This Newcastle student is doing disgusting and hilarious tasks to raise money for flights home for the NUSSC ball

Disgusting, degrading, and well worth it

Other than requesting help for poorly horses, cream chargers for home-whipped cream and the location of another black puffa jacket, the Castle Leazes Exchange Facebook page holds gems such as one Newcastle student's plea.

Charlotte Duff, studying abroad in Malaysia, has requested help to get back to Newcastle for the Ski ball, what she dubs the "social event of the year".

Needing £692 to get from Malaysia to Newcastle and attend the event, Charlotte's set up a crowdfunding page on Just Giving, with each penny bringing her one step closer to the big blow out before her exams.

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In a very successful attempt to encourage donations, Charlotte has promised some incentives, such as cracking eggs on her head, spontaneous concerts, fish head consumption, and watermelon ski helmets.

Charlotte passed the £75 mark just hours after the pledges were released. Supporters have requested the promised week-long monobrow. One comment on the donations page reads: "Show us the monobrow xoxo".

Exclusive to The Tab, we give you Charlotte’s first task: The monobrow

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Picture credits: Nikki Mcstraw (the only other student on Charlotte's course studying abroad in Malaysia)

On closer inspection of this picture one can see that the durian fruit is banned on the NUmed campus, as in many public places throughout Asia due to its putrid aroma. The consumption of an entire one of these watermelon-sized beasts was considered entertaining enough to make it on to Charlotte’s pledge list.

In just three days, Charlotte has raised £109 from 13 donators, already 15 per cent of the way home. She is currently attempting to assure her parents that her appearance on Love Island will be beneficial to a career in biomedical sciences.

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She has also claimed if the amount is raised, she will wear a sumo suit on the flight home. She said: "If the full amount is raised at the ball (the night/morning I fly home), anyone who has donated can do drunken henna on my face and I will wear a sumo-suit for the 12+ hour flight home."

If Charlotte gets to £600, she's promised to kiss any boy who has donated more than £10. Charlotte has now generously offered to be the date of whoever donates the most. So fellas, put your CVV to good use!

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Play your cards right, and you could be ballin' with this girl more often

As well as her own FOMO, Charlotte’s friends beg your help to get her back home and back with them. In an attempt to persuade people to donate, Charlotte's friend, Annie Usher, wrote the following rap:

“Four months have passed and we miss her a lot, all we need is a flight to be bought. We need her back so she can attend the ball, and dress up all fancy and dance like a rag doll.

"These past few months, Charlotte’s presence has been lacking, so help fund her flights and let's get her packing!

"So let’s get this radgie back to the toon, so she can be reunited with her local Wetherspoon.

"All I want is my partner in crime, so we can chill in Blanc with a vodka soda lime. She couldn’t come on the ski trip and play in the snow, so let’s get her back to Newcastle so she can go to Soho.

"We need Charlotte to return to Newcastle, so we can have one last dance with our favourite little rascal. So please put our misery at bay, and get her back before the 5th of May!”

You never know how wet and wild things could get with this swimmer and water-polo player. But one thing’s for sure, every little donation, even just the price of a humble treb gets Charlotte and her friends’ dreams one step closer to coming true.

Get this treble-loving, Toon advocate the night of her life!

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