McDonald’s now do home delivery in Newcastle

Dreams really do come true

As we are all slaves to the raves here in Newcastle, I know I’m not the only one who has woken up the next day wishing that Maccies delivered, and finally that wish has come true. McDonald’s home delivery service has arrived in Newcastle, known as the McDelivery service.

The McDelivery service now means you can get your order delivered to you door if you live near the city centre, as it’s from the Northumberland Street branch. It can be ordered through the UberEATS app, which launched in June.

If you live within a 1.5 mile radius from the store you can get breakfast, lunch and dinner menu items delivered seven days a week, within the hours of 8am through until midnight directly to your door. However, nothing screams hierarchy and a capitalistic society more than Jesmond being able to have MacDonald’s delivered, while those in Heaton can’t.

A spokesperson for McDonald’s told the Chronicle Live: “It’s very early stages, so while our restaurant teams familiarise themselves with the new process, we will be using the coming weeks and months to see what works and learn from what doesn’t.”