Campus fashion: Architect edition

Do you even architect tho?

Some of you may not know anyone who studies architecture but if you do, then you’ll know that they are people of extremities.

They either are in the studio for 23 hours straight to finish a project and you don’t see them for a week, or out every night after the project has finished to celebrate. They are also some of the best dressed around campus; because of this I decided to do a whole campus fashion dedicated to them.

Harry (right) and Sam


Jacket: vintage

Shirt: Ralph Lauren

Describe your style: Stage1


Shirt: stolen from a friend

Shoes: vintage

Describe your style: Dude

Phoebe and Becky


Dungarees and Top: Ebay

Describe your style: Ebay


Top: h&m

Skirt: Urban Outfitters

Describe your style: Monochrome

Euan and Sam


Jumper: Ebay

Trousers: Amazon

Style in one word: Rugged Chic


Jeans: Levi

Shoes: Puma

Describe your style: Neoclassical

Eloise and Freya


Jacket: Her Mum’s

Trousers: All Saints

Describe your style: 50 Shades of Grey


Shirt and Skirt: Vintage

Describe your style: Bristol Boho


Top: Palace Rugby top

Shoes: Adidas Sam Smith

Describe your style: efficient