Newcastle will probably LEAVE the NUS

We did a poll

This week, alongside articles arguing both sides of the NUS debate, we asked you what you would vote.

Nearly 900 people voted in the Tab’s poll, which was launched on Sunday. 60% of those who voted in our poll said they wanted Newcastle Students’ Union to disaffiliate from the NUS

23% stated they don’t give a shit and 17% of voters said they’d like to stay.

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Reasons to stay in the NUS

  • They exempted students from paying council tax
  • Free condoms
  • Support for campaigns
  • Medium between the government and 7 million students
  • NUS card discounts
  • They cannot be manipulated by the University

Reasons to Leave the NUS

  • Costs Union £51,000 per year to be a member
  • We won’t have to start paying council tax after disaffiliation
  • You can get most NUS discounts just by showing your student card
  • They want to ban YikYak
  • They denied students the right to vote on NUS leadership
  • The NUS wants to raise drinks prices
  • The NUS wants to criminalise legal highs (including NOS).
  • They’ve failed to stop tuition fees rising