NUSU Elections: Meet the Education officer candidates

One candidate’s hoping it’s third time lucky

It’s that time of year again. Expect to be littered with leaflets as you walk past the Students’ Union.

But we’ve made it easier than ever to make an informed decision about who you should vote for. These are the four candidates hoping to win your vote to become Education officer.

Beth Robertson

Studies: Geography, Politics and Sociology

A Beth of fresh air

She’s been involved in:

  • Education Executive Committee.
  • Societies Executive Committee.
  • Student Council.
  • President of Newcastle UNICEF on campus.

Beth’s manifesto in five points:

  • To create a survey into student satisfaction on the diversity of their curriculum.
  • Use findings to campaign for greater diversity.
  • Raise awareness to staff on the benefits of RECAP to encourage greater use.
  • Use my position to speak out for students against changes in the government’s education policy which threaten the fairness and quality of your education.
  • More tutorials, greater detail and quicker turn around.

Read Beth’s full manifesto


Tom Gordon

Studies: Biomedical Sciences

He’s been involved in:

  • Previously running for Education officer twice.

Tom’s manifesto in five points:

  • Return of your exam scripts.
  • Feedback via email.
  • Fewer hidden unavoidable in-course fees.
  • A text book cooperative providing huge discounts for essential course materials.
  • RECAP for every course and every lecture.

Read Tom’s full manifesto


Chris Duddy

Studies: Law

He’s been involved in:

  • Eldon Society President & Law Course Rep, Student Staff, Commitee Chair 2015/2016.
  • Eldon Society Sports Secretary 2014/2015.
  • Freshers’ Crew Supervisor 2015/2016.
  • Freshers’ Crew Member 2014/2015.

Chris’s manifesto in five points:

  • Collaborate and make changes to make our libraries better.
  • Keeping computer clusters open 24/7.
  • Improved communication between schools to avoid module clashes on combined honours courses.
  • Make more people aware of Newcastle University’s external campuses in London and Malaysia and include postgraduate students more.
  • Making sure all courses use ReCap.

Read Chris’s full manifesto


Abdullahi Kawu

Studies: Computing Science

He’s been involved in:

  • Course Rep, Computing Science.

Abdullahi’s manifesto in five points:

  • Making lecturers wear lapel-clip microphones to improve ReCap facilities.
  • A University-led rent-a-bike scheme to encourage more people to cycle, and more bicycle repair services.
  • The ability to get exam papers back, and a faster turnaround of exams and assignments.
  • Advocate student-led open days.
  • Empowering Course and Student reps.

Read Abdullahi’s full manifesto


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