NUSU Elections: Here are the Welfare and Equality Officer candidates

Can we please make Puppy Day a thing


It’s time to pick your favourite for welfare and equality officer out of this juicy bunch. Puppy Day, self- love, housing forums, free condoms, yoga. What matters to you?

Adam Douglas Brown

Course: Cellular & Molecular Biology


Manifesto in five points:

  • To continue the free condom and lube campaign
  • To continue the stressed out students campaign and expand on resources available to help destress
  • To expand and improve LGBT+ week -promote student housing database so bad landlords and student homes
  • To provide freshers with information packs and giving information on how they can be better involved in the welfare side of the uni.
  • Ensuring everyone is better connected to the welfare side of the university, giving everyone  all information of welfare societies

What have you been involved in?

I am the Social Secretary as well as the President of LGBT+ Society

Biggest achievement: Performing on stage with Paramore, a teenage dream come true!

Adam’s Full manifesto can be seen here.


Emily Wassell

Course: Geography

Manifesto in five points:

  • To continue vital campaigns such as S.H.A.G week, Black History Month and Go Green week
  • To introduce Diversity week- celebrating racial, sexual, gender, ability and cultural diversity
  • To introduce Self-Care Awareness week – aimed at encouraging self-love and improving mental well being for all students
  • To ensure you receive the advice and support you need for housing, by creating a forum for students to provide advice and discuss issues regarding landlords etc.
  • To ensure you receive help and advice during exams by continuing the Stressed Out Students campaign, with freebies that will aid your studies and well-being.

Emily’s full manifesto can be seen here.


James Howlett

Course: Biomedical Sciences

Manifesto in five Points:

  • To continue with the Stressed out Students campaigns, making them accessible throughout the year-not just during exam times.
  • Introduce housing workshops, helping students find estate agents that work for them and tackle any issues they may have
  • Make it easier for students who have faced inequality to come forward and discuss it openly
  • Continue with the amazing campaign weeks (LGBT+ week, Discover Islam) and expand on these with further campaigns for students who feel are not fully represented.
  • Increase ease of access to counseling services for students with mental health problems and reduce waiting times in this area.

What have you been involved in?:

  • I am an avid member of the LGBT+ and Newcastle University Theatre Societies
  • I am a member of the Freshers week and RAG crews for 2015 and 2016

James’ full manifesto can be seen here.

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