NUSU Elections: Meet the Athletic Union candidates

They all want to protect sports Wednesdays

It’s that time of year again. Expect to be littered with leaflets as you walk past the Students’ Union.

But we’ve made it easier than ever to make an informed decision about who you should vote for.

Jos Herbert

Studies: Architecture, Planning and Landscape

He’s been involved in:

  • Clash of the Titans winner as a fresher.
  • 2 years serving on both the Rugby committee and on AU exec, striving to make his mark on university sport.
  • The approval and authorization of 3 new clubs.

Jos’ manifesto in eight points:

  1. Provide an inclusive sports programme that enables everyone to get involved.
  2. Protect Wednesdays for sports.
  3. Develop the Go Play and Hall Sport initiatives.
  4. Encourage growth and success with all sports given the opportunity to have a professional environment.
  5. Enable clubs to make the best use of the AU grant system.
  6. Improve the kit partnership to give Team Newcastle uniqueness.
  7. Help make Newcastle be in the top 10 for sport.
  8. Have better publicity of results and league position around campus to engage students with AU sport.


Read full manifesto here


Sophie Matthews

Studies: Geography, Politics and Sociology

What she’s been involved in:

  • She is Treasurer of the Tennis Club.
  • Participated in sport since day one of university life.

Sophie’s manifesto in eight points:

  1. Ensure Wednesday afternoons are kept free for sport.
  2. Make sure ReCap is available for all Wednesday teaching sessions.
  3. Introduce more sports to the Go Play scheme.
  4. Increase promotion of all clubs and their achievements.
  5. Give bonuses to clubs that show improvement, development and teamwork throughout the season.
  6. Try to meet the financial needs of all clubs.
  7. To increase access to training facilities for all clubs both on and off campus.
  8. Work on the improvement of all training grounds.


Read full manifesto here


Calum Wilson

Studies: Geography, Politics and Sociology

What he’s been involved in:

  • He’s Sports Editor at The Courier
  • Co-Creator of ‘ComeOutAndPlay’, a social campaign which aims to tackle homophobia in sport.
  • He has been heavily involved in sport for the last 2 years and has been working hard to increase press coverage of all sports at Newcastle.
  • He has worked with a whole range of clubs, observing, listening and reporting on the key issues and development of all sports at Newcastle.

Calum’s manifesto in five points:

  1. Ensure all clubs are fairly represented.
  2. Keep Wednesday afternoon’s free for sports and activities.
  3. To create fairer sporting environments.
  4. Ensure students have their say on key sports facility upgrades.
  5. Encourage students to get involved with Intra Mural, Go Play, Hall Sports and Inclusive Newcastle.

Read full manifesto here

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