Worst stairs in Newcastle’s clubs

‘Pushing my mates down the stairs at Sinners to get the full Newcastle experience’


For some, stairs are a challenge when sober let alone when drunk.

We all have horror stories from someone who fell down, so here are the five worst stairs in Newcastle’s clubs.

The Students’ Union

You don’t even have to be drunk for these stairs to catch you out. If you’re on you way to Throwback you at least have an excuse. When you’re sober, it’s just awkward for everyone involved.

Club Trop

These three clubs combined on a Monday are a great night out, but also a dangerous one. They are either too wide or too narrow and steep.

Tiger Tiger

Tiger Wednesdays are always messy with sport socials, but if you slip at the top of the stairs, you’re a gonner for sure. The handrails are just to far away if you are in the middle of the staircase. If you have survived these stairs, you are a hero.

Soho Rooms

When those trebles hit you, you’re in trouble on the Soho Rooms stairs.

Whether it be the steep winding staircase or by the four stairs you always trip over forgetting they’re there, your head won’t be the only thing that hurts in the morning. We all know that one person who fell down the stairs so badly they had to go home.


It’s not a good night out in Sinners unless you’ve had a stumble down that enormous staircase. Everyone knows how ruthless they can be, they are notorious and are even Yakked about. If you haven’t experienced them, do you even go here?