Meet the guys performing in Fight Night

Here’s what they look like before they break their nose

Here for your entertainment, battling it out in the SU on Thursday night, your fighters of Fight Night 2015…


Chris ‘The Molaman’ Short (182 lbs)  VS.  Dan ‘The Dad Bod’ Dickens (187lbs)


Eddie ‘I Have A Semi’ Harrop (148 lbs)  VS.  Will ‘ll Fix It’ Fordham (156 lbs)


Andy ‘The Chopper’ Chang (174 lbs)   VS.   Allan ‘The Black Mamba’ Owen (176 lbs)


Angus ‘Razor’ Ross (180 lbs)   VS.   Ed ‘Put You To Bed’ Stonehill (189 lbs)



Muzi ‘The Monster Mbele’ Mbele (198 lbs)   VS.   Sam ‘Guv’nor’ Sims (197 lbs)



Will ‘The Shark’ Clark (203 lbs)   VS.   Alex ‘Im Sorry Ms’ Jackson (205 lbs)



Jake ‘Wont Break’ Leighton (165 lbs)   VS.   Jordan ‘The Cinderella Man’ Scudder (159 lbs)


Johnny ‘Fucking’ Bullman (184 lbs)   VS.   Callum Koessler (196 lbs)