Sexperiences in the Toon

We asked you where you’ve done the bad thing

The results are pretty saucy.

Let’s face it: we all love a good sex scandal, from the girls who shagged Scotty T or Gaz, to the downright hilarious stories of a friend of a friend.

Students in Newcastle seem to love a naughty fondle out in the open… It gets the adrenaline going.

1. Blanc

First up we have the infamous Bar Blanc, renowned for its two pound Tuesdays, it’s the social hub of Jesmond. Various saucy students have been caught banging in the toilets of Blanc. Obviously you randy few couldn’t wait till you got home, so the toilets have seemed like a perfect place to consummate your sexual hunger.

2. House ‘ohhh’ Smith

Things got a bit heated in the smoking area of House of Smith for a second year chemistry student Sam. According to Sam it went a little like this, “Well she basically tossed me off, in the smoking shelter at House of Smith”… It seemed to have escalated very quickly. The best part is “it was in my best mate, Jack Harris’s” jeans (mate get those dry cleaned).

3. Heaton Park

Whilst taking a romantic bike ride, History and Politics student Emma and her ex, decided to unleash their love into the wild. Thankfully these two risk takers didn’t get caught in pure daylight.

4. Madame Koo’s

Second year Matt on a large night out, slipped a didge in Koo’s booths. “We were on the booths and the Bouncer caught me… Then he asked if he could sniff my fingers”.

5. Leazes Cowfield

Two randy fresher’s, both looking for lurve, thought it would be “pretty joke to do it in the Cowfields, we were both absolutely smashed, probably wasn’t the best idea, but it was mint”.

6. Jesmond Steam Room

A second year couple went for a relaxing swim and as the pool happened to be quiet went for a cheeky sauna and steam where things got pretty heated, “we just did stuff, it wasn’t for long though as I was sweating my tits off”. The couple swiftly left red faced for the showers and haven’t been back since.