Freshers make business cards to pull girls

They’ve had ‘mixed results’


Two bold first years have had an original idea to get the girls – by making business cards for nights out.

Designed by themselves, Business student Will opted for a more jokey design while Civil Engineer Martin went for a more serious style.

After Martin’s failure to pull with cheesy chat up lines, the boys realised they needed a new approach and decided on the call cards.

Will’s card describes him as a “Full Time: LAD”, and says: “Perfect has 7 letters. And so does, ‘Meeeeee’

“Coincidence? I think not.”

They added an extra incentive by agreeing to pay each other £1 for every text they get – a good way for Will to make back some of the £24 he mistakenly spent on the 250 cards.

He said: “I didn’t realise it cost more to get photos and double sided – I also ordered 250 by accident!”

Will and Martin have been handing the cards out in various clubs including Digital, Trop and Mimo’s, with mixed results.

Martin’s card describes him as “Part Time Student, Part Time Pleasurer”, includes his mobile number and snapchat username, and finishes with the persuasive tagline “Go Ahead, Make My Day”.

Lucy, 2nd-year Politics and Sociology student said: “I thought it was funny, and respected his confidence”, but added that she wouldn’t text him as she has a boyfriend.

She said: “I wonder how much success they’ve had, its pretty inventive but I don’t know if girls will actually fall for them” muses Laura, 2nd-year Geography.

Isabel, 3rd-year History said it was “adorable”.

Will has received texts from seven girls so far. He said: “Some people can’t believe it when you give it to them, but most people seem to understand that it’s a joke.

“Girls seem to think it’s quite an original idea! The only problem is you get texts off people and you have no idea who they are”.

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