Windsor Terrace is actually really fun

Move over Leazes

newcastle university student accommodation Windsor Terrace

Windsor Terrace ticked all the right boxes. But, I spent the entire first semester being constantly reminded by my fellow peers of how exciting their choice of accommodation seemed to be in comparison to mine.

When I tell people I’m from Windsor, I’m usually greeted with a deathly silence as I find myself having to explain the whereabouts of its location. As soon as I mention that it is a stone’s throw away from Robinson library, some people assume that the convenience was the sole reason why I opted to live at Windsor Terrace.

This obviously meant that my idea of fun must be doing an all-nighter at the library alongside other residents which helps to explain why Windsor Terrace seems to be rather quiet.

But you have to take my word for it when I say that there is life in Windsor Terrace. If there wasn’t, promoters would not go to the trouble of constantly knocking on every single door in a desperate bid to make you go to whichever club they work for.

And when I say trouble, what I really mean is climbing up three flights of stairs. Yes, we may not be blessed with having a lift which instantly eliminates the possibility of a cow entering it as some previous students living at Castle Leazes have experienced.

Yes, there are only two hundred and thirty of us split across three blocks, which is a fraction of the amount of students living at Ricky Road, but the advantages of living at Windsor Terrace is that you can get to know people on a more interpersonal level.

With its central location, it takes less than five minutes to reach the top of Northumberland Street and Jesmond is virtually around the corner. The beauty of living here is that you can roll out of bed ten minutes before lectures start and still find yourself managing to make it on time, if not slightly early.

Having spent the best part of four months living here, a small part of me rises to the defence of Windsor Terrace upon hearing criticisms about it as though someone has personally insulted me or a member of my family. It might not be quite as luxurious as Windsor Castle, but it is fit for the Queen.