Ballsy bloke runs down Tyne beach in teeny yellow Waikiki swimsuit

In slow mo

A saucy video has emerged of a cheeky Waikiki promoter running down a beach, reenacting a scene from Baywatch.

Pals dared Tom “Turk” Mcgurk to don the famous cossie and plough into the sea if a Facebook status reached 500 likes.

“This crazy scheme was suggested in the office. The ‘if this gets 500 likes we will’ campaign’ consists of the team “doing crazy challenges in our famous Waikiki leotard”.

Tom says he didn’t regret offering himself up to do it. “It was a bit of fun. I didn’t think it would get to 500 so once it did I was like ‘shit’.”

The status amassed a huge 644 likes, his fate was sealed.

So today he headed down to Tynemouth and his friends came along to support and film.

“At first when I ran in it was okay. I thought this isn’t too bad, but then it got worse and worse. As soon as I dived in it hit my chest and it was unbearable.”

After losing his hat to the sea, Tom had no option to dive in a second time: “People who know me well know how much I love my hat. I realised it was in the sea, so I dived in again and that was twice as bad. Like freezing.”

There are more to come from the boys at Waikiki: “We’re gonna try and do one every two weeks I think… whatever the lads can come up with. Lol.”

Was the swimsuit comfy? “Yeah it was interesting to be honest. I could probably get used to it”.

Here’s full on Baywatch version.