Why I hate Movember

Are people really raising money through Movember?


With November here, I’m feeling a slight sense of dread.

And not because I’ll have to skate to lectures in arctic conditions, or because I’ll have to wear a woolly hat and gloves to bed. Instead, it’s the thought of Instagram, Facebook and Twitter being taken over by pictures of men attempting to grow tashes, that makes me want to crawl into hibernation.

The aim of Movember is to get men sprouting facial hair to raise both awareness and money for cancer. Instead, it just gives men a reason to be lazy and unhygenic. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for raising money for charity, especially when it’s helping to support people suffering with horrible illnesses like cancer. However, I’d put money on the majority of men not even knowing the reason behind why they’re growing ridiculous facial hair.

Movember seems to go two ways.

There’s those that lack the testosterone to grow a proper moustache:

Then there’s those who have them taking over their entire faces with birds nesting and germs harbouring. 

Quite frankly, both types are disgusting.

I just don’t think it’s fair that for an entire month, girls have to put up with no physical contact because men are all that repulsive. Maybe they would realise the errors of their way if girls were forced not to shave or wax for an entire month…

Instead, hundreds of thousands of women unite every year in the Race for Life, raising money for breast cancer.

Men of Newcastle, I beg of you, if you decide to scare away the entire female population, do the decent thing and ask people to sponsor you.

Alternatively, just donate to those who are doing it for a worthy cause!