‘I was just trying to get to my mate’ says Factory victim and UoM fresher Leon Cooper

Factory cancelled Quids In Monday last night after all bouncers were sacked

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In the early hours of Sunday morning, Joe Sharratt and Leon Cooper were attacked by eight Factory bouncers after a night out celebrating. Leon Cooper, a first year Pharmacy student at The University of Manchester, has spoken for the first time since the attack.

Leon said: "I wasn't trying to attack [the bouncers] was just trying to get to my mate. I tried to help him but they were just hitting me".

The mate Leon refers to is the second victim of the attack, Joe Sharratt, a rugby player for St. Helens who has been hospitalised with what's being described as a serious head injury.

Today, Joe father, Brian Sharratt, tweeted to say that his son had been "beaten up by those Factory Bouncers" and that their "actions were totally disproportionate."

His claim has been backed by Leon, who said of the video: "I'm just trying to get to him and they're whacking me even though I'm not punching them at all."

Leon added he had suffered bruising to the side of his body, swelling to his head and had coughed up blood following the attack.

Factory was closed on Monday evening, missing one of their biggest events: "QUIDS IN MONDAY", having "immediately terminated the service contract" with security contractor, Professional Security.

The club tweeted they believed: "Getting a new door team such last minute, will not give us a chance to ensure they are the best for our customers. We must take the time to find the correct door team that will provide the best service to our customers.

"We apologise for any inconvenience caused".

It's unclear whether Factory will re-open this Thursday for its popular event night "F//CK Thursday". A council meeting is being held on Wednesday to discuss the club's future, with a potential for closure.

A spokesperson for the University of Manchester has confirmed that "Leon has been in touch with his school and we are offering him personal support."

Greater Manchester Police have appealed for any information regarding the attack.

If you have any further information on this, please contact [email protected]