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An Oak House fresher found a naked drunk guy in his bed after popping to the kitchen

He still doesn’t know how he got there

The aftermath of the UEFA Champions League Final is messier for some than others. Real Madrid fans drank to celebrate, Liverpool fans drank to forget a horrific defeat.

But James Newby, first year Biochemistry student at the University of Manchester, woke up not with a hangover, but a "very naked, very drunk guy sleeping in my bed".

The full story, which was posted on FSG, recounts the events of finding the naked opportunist, who snuck in to James' room while he was in the kitchen making a hot chocolate.

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James then generously gave the naked guy a towel and sent him on his way, with no further sign of him until finding the same towel outside the door later this afternoon.

The post has amassed over 150 likes in what can be assumed as sympathy with the surprise of finding the drunk and naked in your bed the morning after, and relief that your Sunday is a lot less messy than this guys.

James Newby was unavailable for comment.