These consent videos with a whistling willy and bouncing vagina are really unsettling

They’re promoting consent with dancing genitals

Project Consent are a charity promoting consent and aiming to make rape culture a myth through their holy trinity of awareness, education, and promotion.

Like other charities, Project Consent have released a series of short videos aiming to educate us about consent. But there’s a twist – they’re really fucking weird.

Let’s put it like this – you’re doing your usual 9.30am bored Facebook scroll and a consent video pops up, and you’re pro-consent (like any normal human), so you watch. It’s all over in about 20 seconds and you’re confused as to whether the video of a jiggling willy and a Babybel-esque vagina was a pop-up ad or the real thing.

You wonder whether to click play again just to double check, but because it’s so bizarre, you’re worried the person sat behind you will think you’re completely deranged for watching what looks like a really really bad Pixar animated porno gone wrong.

But it doesn’t stop there, Project Consent have made a series of these videos. There’s also a laughing hand, a bit like the weird thumbs from Sky Kids,  fondling a boob and a whistling willy attempting nonconsensual anal.

At the end of the videos, a screen pops us saying: “Consent is simple.  It it’s not yes, it’s a no.” But there’s nothing simple about the thoughts in my head post video.

Where’s the context? Without it, this one dimensional representation of consent does appear simple. Are we meant to be laughing at these dancing genitals? Last time I checked, consent wasn’t meant to be funny.

To put it bluntly, they’ve got it so wrong. I like consent, and anyone who denies the hilarity of a dancing willy isn’t trustable, but together, they’re like a toxic couple, they’re pretty much the Spencers and the Heidis of the consent world.