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Bye, Wellness Witches. Deliciously Ella is finally being called out for her clean eating hypocrisy

There’s no such thing as unclean food. There never has been

Why I’m donating $700 to Planned Parenthood of Greater Ohio

What’s up, John Kasich?

We asked a sexologist about the shocking, little-known consequences of sexual abuse

Some women can’t even use tampons

Some women will keep having sex even if it hurts

13 percent of women in their 20s have experienced it

Christmas gifts for the fuckboy in your life

Because your presence clearly isn’t enough for him

Turns out, cranberries aren’t actually going to cure your UTI

Guess this means we have to go to the doctor now

It’s time to stop judging women’s bodies for ‘science’

Study something else please

Why can’t a famous woman go bare-faced without people freaking out?

Leave Hillary alone

It’s official: Garlic makes men sexy

Get your man some pizza asap

We may not have a female president, but some good things did happen last night

It’s not all tear-jerking stuff

Dry your tears with these uplifting tweets, because we’re in this together

We are smart and we are strong

Stop everything: Avocados are affordable again

You may now resume your normal avocado consumption habits

This website sells shirts advocating rape

‘No means no, well maybe if I’m drunk’

I want to support PETA, but not when they compare meat to rape

Their new ad campaign has gone too far

Boy, bye: Trump is probably the last 50s man to run for President


There’s a game helping Hillary smash the ultimate glass ceiling, literally

Making history is fun

Everything gluten free girls are tired of hearing

‘I tried it being gluten free once, it sucked’

A guys’ night out from a girl’s perspective

Why do they never have their own cigarettes?

It’s obviously paint

Come on

QUIZ: What should your Halloween costume be based on your personality?

Bet you’re Harley Quinn

We all need this ‘Nasty Woman’ t-shirt in our lives

Because we’re all bitches

Ladies, grab your wine: This is your Presidential Debate drinking game

Drink when Trump says he respects women

Why do men grope women?

We asked a psychologist

There are many reasons #WhyWomenDontReport. This is why it’s important they do

A guide by two girls who spoke out

Bob Dylan and 10 other men won Nobel Prizes today. Women got a tweet

We’re so proud!

It’s No Bra Day so we took our tops off in celebration


Why we formed a ‘pussy formation’ outside Trump Tower this morning

‘We have to draw attention to the absolute danger that is Trump’

Trump walked in on teen girls changing at a beauty pageant

It happened at the Miss Teen USA pageant he owned

Meet the college senior heading up Day of the Girl

They launched two new campaigns yesterday

Playing hard to get doesn’t actually work, according to science

It’s time to ditch the long game

What kind of wine drunk are you?

Sucks if you’re the crier

The awkward moment Trump said he respects women

He literally said that

Trump says ‘grab women by the pussy’ – this is what women have to say

‘I’m calling for a total and complete shutdown of Donald Trump interacting with women’

Obama signs bill to prevent police destroying rape kits

It’s a step towards justice for thousands

These are the most influential babes this week

These girls know

Hillary Clinton just put Trump’s body shaming to bed again

‘We can’t take any of this seriously anymore. We need to laugh at it. We need to refute it. We need to ignore it. And we need to stand up to it’

Being sexually assaulted doesn’t always make you a ‘rape victim’

There isn’t one standard response to something like this

These are the most inspiring babes of the week

Gals are doing it for themselves

We ditched the choker when we were 10 and we should have left it there

It pains me but we need to love them and leave them

Babes who killed it on the internet this week

They really dgaf

Journalist calls Emma Watson’s gender equality views ‘whining, leftie, PC crap’

Because there’s absolutely nothing more to her than being Hermione

Justin Trudeau said everything right about gender equality again

The super babe continues his legacy

I lost my virginity when I was raped by two of my friends

This story contains a graphic description of sexual assault

Teenage girl died after taking suspected dodgy pill at Victoria Warehouse

GMP are calling for anyone who may have taken the pills to seek medical attention

These are the things that made me realise I had depression

Was I depressed or just being a bitch?

Three quarters of you think people accused of rape should be anonymous

British courts allow the accused to be named at the moment

There will be a midnight curfew across Fallowfield till the end of the year

Woop woop it’s the sound of the fun police

Firing a teaching assistant for being a lingerie model exemplifies today’s double standards

It’s a step backwards

There is now an Owen’s Park Snapchat filter

You can now send nudes ft. the Tower

Gaff’s Facebook statuses are worthy of the Manchester Poetry Prize

They’re better than Shakespeare

Pornstar professor resigns from teaching post

The Chemistry professor has resigned after his second job as a pornstar was revealed

Attacker strangled Didsbury jogger with her headphones

He also repeatedly banged her head against a tree

We need to stop antidepressant shaming

They’re not all bad

Chicken King is the one and only chicken shop you should be going to in Fallowfield

The true crowning glory

Male lecturers at the University of Manchester are paid over £6k per year more than females

The report by UCU has been released on International Women’s Day today

Police advise women not to walk alone in city centre after more sex attacks

They believe one man is responsible for three attacks

It took a tampon advert to make us realise how inherently sexist emojis are

All the women are immersed in pink

Manchester covered in white after morning flurry

But it’s going to rain this afternoon

These consent videos with a whistling willy and bouncing vagina are really unsettling

They’re promoting consent with dancing genitals

MacBook stolen from second year’s bag in Simon building

She said there were four laptops stolen yesterday

Uber in Manchester is now 14 per cent cheaper

An average two mile journey will cost £4.50

Second year PPE student mugged at gun point on Amherst Road

He was told to hand over his phone and money with a gun held to his head

Soho House to open in Manchester

The House is coming and they’re bringing a rooftop swimming pool

First year Economics exam stopped halfway through due to poor printing quality

They have to sit the exam at a later date

Best of YikYak: Revision edition

The very best of procrastination

The big screen on Ali G cost £123k

That’s 41,000 meal deals

Manchester’s Tiger Tiger has been voted the fifth worst club in the UK

Who’s surprised?

A dodgy batch of pills are circulating Manchester

There are special concerns about Red Lion pills

Suspect charged after sexual assault near Man Met

A 19-year-old girl was grabbed on Oxford Road on Saturday

Three arrested after huge fight outside 42s

More than 20 people were involved

A fake email is going round asking for students’ bank details

The email is a scam and should not be responded to

Third year’s Fiat 500 stolen from Beech Grove

She said it was put in the back of a truck and driven away

Why you should join The Tab Manchester next term

You’re definitely not too cool for us

Uni WiFi is down after cyber attack

It’s been caused by ‘unknown sources’

New UoM Facebook page aims to call out sexism

It’s called Call It Out UoM

Manchester’s best of Yik Yak

These are actually funny

Christmas Markets evacuated and shut off by police

There was a security scare

There is an anti-animal testing protest outside Stopford

They’re protesting the alleged activity on the top floor

Manchester nights out according to their Facebook reviews

Does anyone actually read them?

‘I couldn’t stop panicking’: A third year was mugged on Oxford Road last night

It happened by Big Hands

Brian Cox got the E = mc² equation wrong in a first year lecture

Exclusive: He refused to believe he was wrong and posted a photo of himself drinking the night before

Two time sex attacker jailed for nine years

It happened in 2013

Third year left unconscious after attack outside the Friendship

Three people have been arrested

Another student raped in Fallowfield after a night out

Police are appealing for witness who they believe is a student

What is the worst thing about Manchester uni?

You can’t say Man Met

Win tickets to every single Sankeys show

The line ups are BIG

A year has passed since the Whitby Road sexual attack and not much has changed

‘Why would you report an attack when the police can’t seem to do anything?’

ASOS removing bindis from sale shows the cultural appropriation trend has been taken too far

The internet has decided you can’t wear a bindi this Halloween

We spent the night getting to know the homeless in Manchester

‘Harry Potter is a story. My story is bigger than a book.’

Fake WHP ticket seller is scamming students out of hundreds

He is claiming he bought loads on presale to make money

Police raid huge weed farm on Rippingham Road

There was a basement full of bud

SU bans second speaker Milo Yiannopoulos from free speech society event

They’ve already kicked controversial Julie Bindel off the bill

Young woman assaulted and asked for sex in Platt Fields

A 20-year-old girl was grabbed by a man after he asked for a lighter

Pangaea was BIG

Especially for the freshers’ one

Mauldeth Road West residents in hospital after bad drug reaction

They were taken from Withington to Manchester Royal Infirmary this weekend

Two girls raped in broad daylight near Sackville Street

Greater Manchester Police are investigating yet another sexual assault

Cranky council will be shutting down ‘noisy’ freshers’ week house parties

The fun police are back

Beatboxing busker arrested for ‘rapping too loudly’

He was just trying to ‘bring smiles to people’s faces’

Madchester is a top five UK party uni

The Guardian said we know our stuff

Brainy Manchester placed fifth for academic excellence according to China

The Chinese know their stuff

Nightime minibus will drop us from uni to our front doors

It costs the same as a Sainsbury’s meal deal to get to Fallowfield