Why being a single student in Manchester this Valentine’s Day isn’t the end of the world

If this is Ed Westwick reading: It is the end of the world

‘Violent’ eviction of student protesters shows where the University of Manchester’s priorities lie

When will the University of Manchester learn to respect its students?

Why Lent should be a time for trying new things instead of giving them up

It’s time to try some self-loving activities

Staff explain why you should support the planned strikes

Staff are currently voting on whether to strike later this year, here’s why in their own words

Manchester Uni collects up to £146k in drugs fines, but spends £1k on drugs education

In five years UoM has fined almost 600 students in its ‘zero-tolerance drugs policy’

We can go back to uni on May 17th, but the government is still ignoring students’ needs

Despite lockdown now coming to an end, it’s effects on students’ mental health’s remain

From Carole Baskin to black pudding: 10 things officially more popular than Nancy Rothwell

89 per cent of Manchester students recently voted in favour of no confidence in Nancy Rothwell

Manchester’s Sarah Everard Vigil: UoM’s silence this week has been deafening

‘I am overwhelmed and exhausted, yet the uni have shown no acknowledgement as to what is happening’

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