Tab petition: Get more police on Fallowfield’s streets

We’re not standing for it any longer

For over a year, we have been reporting on rape after rape – something needs to change.

The petition can be found here.

After the painful news of another Fallowfield rape and girls admitting to no longer feeling safe, we’ve launched a petition for a greater police presence and response.

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The petition outlines some of the disgusting figures that have been researched in the past few weeks, such as how 18 per cent of Manchester girls have been raped, and 44 per cent have been sexually assaulted in some way.

We are asking for greater police presence and response, such as patrols until at least 4am, when most of these attacks are already known to be taking place.

The idea of coordinated groups is also suggested, so that arranged meetings of students after a night out could be walked home safely in high-risk areas.

Although GMP have faced cuts reflecting many student voices from the past year, the petition is asking for a focus on personal safety rather than the relatively minor threat posed by house parties that has been outlined as “a priority”.

Where a rape took place only days ago

Our womens officer, Jess Lishak said: “Unfortunately whilst these headlines are really saddening, they are no longer shocking.

“Sexual violence is not an isolated incident, it is an epidemic and it is symptomatic of a society that doesn’t value women’s right to say no or to decide what to do with our own bodies.

“Whether sexual violence happens on our streets or in our beds, by someone we’ve never met or someone that we know and trust, it is horrific and it is insidious.”

A house party may disrupt someone for a night, but a sexual attack could ruin your whole life.

Lives have been ruined in the triple figures over the last couple of years, and it’s unacceptable.