Kung poo? Manc Nan does a poo into food at Chinese buffet

Gran banned from Manchester restaurant after taking a shit in the seaweed

banned chicken chinese crap disgusting dump gran Manchester restaurant shit takes

Fortune cookies predict a lot of things, but maybe can’t foresee a woman taking a big plop suey in the buffet.

A grandma shocked terrified onlookers when she took a number two in the middle of an all-you-can-eat Chinese feast.

Mmmm, kung poo chicken

Fellow diners got far more than they bargained for at the £8.99 buffet at a popular Manchester Chinese restaurant.

It was bog fried rice and prawn crappers all round in  the north Manchester joint, as the 52 year-old gran grabbed a chair and did her business in the crispy seaweed.


Janice O’dowd had drunk two bottles of wine, and had already been asked to leave the restaurant for putting a cigarette out in someone’s drink.

The Sunday Sport exclusive

When a reporter from Sunday Sport asked her what happened, the red faced nan said: “Yes I was drunk and yes I did shit on the buffet”.

“I’d necked two bottles of  f*****g vodka so what did you f*****g expect?”

Probably wasn’t as crispy afterwards

Unsurprisingly, horrifed buffet-goers were left gasping and others even puked at the unsavoury sight.

Of course, she has now been banned from the restaurant, whose name wasn’t revealed.

Everyone else at the buffet was refunded their money after the event, which happened in in late April.

So watch out ordering a number 2 or the pooking style ribs when you next fancy a bit of oriental – Janice may be making her way to a Chinese near you.