Strike Two: Lecturers to Walk Out Again

Prepare for another day off as profs prepare to strike again.


Staff at Manchester are due to go on strike again tomorrow, cancelling more lectures and seminars.


Both academic and non-academic workers went on strike in October in a row over their salaries.

But since then, no agreement has been reached with uni bosses, so they are staging a second day of action.

“In the event that lectures or seminars need to be cancelled, schools have been instructed to provide early communication to affected students”, a post on My Manchester says.

“It is the University’s intention to maintain normal operations on Tuesday”.

Unite, Unison and the University and College Union (UCU) are the three trade unions that have called the strikes.

According to them, university staff have had a 13% pay cut in real terms over the last five years.

On October’s strike day, Professors told The Tab that exams may be cancelled if academics do not get their requested pay increase.

Aside from an unwanted trip to JRUL, here’s some ideas as to what to do with your Tuesday off:

  • Spend your day in bed, in a post-Pout haze
  • Enjoy a leisurely stroll around the christmas markets minus the usual horrific human traffic
  • Indulge in a Two for Tuesdays – one for lunch, one for dinner
  • Catch up on your christmas decorating (you are a day late, after all)
  • Be a bore and apply to grad schemes