Union Announces that No Detriment decision will be delayed

The UCL Student’s Union has announced delays to the release of the No Detriment package

Following the meeting held last Friday, the Students Union has announced that the No Detriment package created by UCL did not comprehensively protect students.

In response, the Union proposed and presented several changes at an EACP meeting yesterday.

These amendments are now being considered by UCL and confirmation of the final details of the No Detriment package will be announced on Monday the eighth of February 

The union commented “from the beginning we’ve set out to try and make this year’s policy as close to last year’s as possible and that is proving difficult. But we’re continuing to make the case for it right until the last possible moment”.  

UCL is apparently taking the proposed changes seriously and has called for the Education Committee to meet on Friday the fifth of February for a discussion of their implementation. The final No Detriment package announcement will come after the board’s vote, ratification or rejection of these changes The Student’s Union has apologized for the delay and has stressed it is doing all it can to resolve this matter.  

The Tab will provide more details next week.