Save the Rave campaign

Save the Rave is helping to support all your favourite London Clubs and here’s how you can help

The pandemic has put a halt to everything, including the nightlife industry. Don’t want to lose your favourite clubs? Here’s how you can get involved, Save the Rave!

Save the Rave is leading the charge trying to help protect the London Nightlife scene. The standard student nightlife experience is filled with pres that last way longer than planned, clubbing and fun nights out. However, with the current pandemic, clubs have remained closed and students (especially freshers) have missed out on various student club nights that were a staple in university nightlife.

Whilst it is saddening for students, we often overlook the impact the pandemic has had on the workers and venues, without which club nights would not be possible. But what is the extent of this impact?

It doesn’t look like clubs will be opening up again anytime soon, but is it possible to still support our favourite clubs from the comfort of our own homes?

Save the Rave has been created by I Love Student Nights as a way to help support the nightlife industry. They have stated that:

“As we all know, the doors of our beloved nightspots have been shut since March 20th and we still haven’t seen the light of day to when we will be reunited with our friends and loved ones dancing to our favourite tracks, busting those moves whilst knocking back our favourite beverage.”

“For many of us who miss attending our favourite nightspots, there’s been another huge part of Nightlife that has been forgotten, and that’s the people and the venues themselves who are the ones who put on these nights out for us (from venue owners to promoters, bar staff, DJs, sound technicians…). A lot of people in the Nightlife Industry have been able to benefit from the Job Retention Scheme, but unfortunately, many others haven’t. A lot of support is still needed for this sector to survive, especially for the businesses who operate venues still haven’t managed to operate yet but continue to have outgoing expenses. The sad news is, as we’ve started to see, is that many of them won’t survive.”

Rudimental at XOYO (Sep 6th 2016)

Some clubs have successfully received a grant from the Arts Council’s Culture Recovery Fund, such as Fabric, whilst others have been providing services to help you plan a trip to one of their local bars or pubs, like Loop. But how can we personally show our support to help the industry survive?

Reopening of Fabric (Jan 30th 2017) after it closed in 2016

Save The Rave is “a cool and unique fundraising opportunity” with the aim “to help those who are directly affected by the current situation. You can help out by purchasing a Save The Rave T-shirt, and 100% of profits go directly to the NTIA (Night Time Industries Association) who will funnel those who need it the most. You can also show your support by sharing their message via your network.” In addition to the Save The Rave T-shirt, there is also a Save The Rave Hoodie available to purchase.

Jacob Robertson, a founding member and supporter of Save The Rave (you may also remember him from UCL’s Sports Night at Loop), has said:

“I’m grateful that I’m able to help and support an industry that I love and admire. I’m thankful for everyone who has supported our campaign so far and for your amazing feedback, but there’s still a long way to go till we can see our Industry back on its feet. If you love and miss those great events that we used to put on, show your support by purchasing a Save The Rave tee and share our message out. I look forward to being able to organise great nights out again.”

Picadilly Institute London Club

Halloween at Piccadilly Institute (Oct 31st 2018)

Hopefully as much of the nightlife industry as possible is able to survive throughout the pandemic and come back with a bang. But in the meantime, remember to show your support from home, and check out Save The Rave on Facebook and Instagram!