‘I thought it would be bants’: Freshers send homophobic slurs in LSE group chat

One said they were sent as ‘dark humour’

CW: Homophobia 

At least two students have made homophobic comments on an LSE Freshers’ group chat.

Students posted in the group chat homophobic slurs such as “batty boy”, and called a student “James Charles”. The messages, screenshotted by another member of the chat and put on Twitter, can be seen below.

The Tab spoke to students involved. One, who had repeatedly used the slur “batty boy”, said: “I am not homophobic. I thought it would be bants.”

Screenshots of the chat, via Twitter

He said sent the slurs as “dark humour”, acknowledging “some may have been offended”, but saying: “Some of my friends are gay and they laugh”.

He said: “I’m not homophobic. Ngl some of my boys cracked up but I see why some won’t.”

Screenshots of the chat, via Twitter

Another group chat member called a fresher “James Charles”, telling The Tab “I apologise. My cousin was using my phone, sorry”.

He said his cousin left the group chat (from his phone) shortly after the messages were sent.

Students left the chat after the homophobic comments were made, as can be seen in the screenshots. One replied to the messages, saying: “There’s no reason for you to be running your mouths with the homophobic slurs.”

He told The Tab the homophobic messages were sent to the group chat earlier this week, “after which nobody was checking the homophobia and holding them accountable so I stepped in”.

After his message, “nobody [in the chat] addressed it”. He said: “Nothing was said, the subject was just changed after a day of total silence from everyone”.

The Tab also spoke to the student the messages were directed towards. He said: “They were disrespectful but I don’t know them and they hide behind a screen”.

He said: “I’m comfortable about my sexuality and know I’m straight”, so sees the homophobic slurs as a “childish lie”.

LSE have been contacted by The Tab for comment.

Were you a member of the LSE Freshers’ chat? Email [email protected] in confidence

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