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Trying to keep your head up through the Corona Blues: UCL edition

We’ve found UCL’s best attempts at finding silver linings in the middle of a pandemic

It goes without saying that Covid-19 and its knock-on effects have been catastrophic, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t some bright sides if you look hard enough. Here are some of UCL’s finest lockdown moments.

1. UCL’s Head of History’s Cat: Eliza


Eleanor Robson has been sharing regular updates of her cat Eliza in the hopes of trying to keep morale up, and, honestly, it’s working. With the uncertainty of dissertations, exams and illness, Eliza’s stalwart manner and her keep calm and carry on attitude is an inspiration to us all.

2. Animals of UCL History

Following on from Eleanor’s cat videos the overwhelming consensus is that animals are the best cure to the corona blues. Now UCL History students have set up the page ‘Animals of UCL History’ under Eleanor’s guidance. A M A Z I N G. Maybe this should be the uni wide solution to the blues??

3. The quality content that is coming out of these online lectures 

Between lecturers getting unbelievably angry at technology failing/having absolutely no idea how to work the tech, and students just being massive dicks, these online lectures are nothing short of hilarious.

-One lecturer muted her entire class and then got angry when none of them would reply to her

-One girl kept switching her camera off because she was in bed with her boyfriend at the time

-One boy thought the DMs on the side of the chat were private so got a nasty surprise when his lecturer read out his conversation

4. The penguins 


If you haven’t seen these little guys exploring the Aquarium they live in, honestly you’re missing out. They’re just too pure for this world.

5. Club Penguin

Yes lads Club Penguin is back and better than ever. Honestly, rediscovering Club Penguin was an absolute win. You can be a fire ninja, a spy, the best pizza chef ever. THEY EVEN HAVE A NIGHTCLUB to fulfil all your clubbing needs in digital form.

Personal recommendation: Alaska has and always will have the best chatroom x

6. The weird and wacky hobbies people are taking up to counter the boredom

From bread making, to headstanding, to becoming TikTok legends people are becoming more and more inventive in the attempts to stop the isolation crazies from setting in.

On a more serious note, the social distancing and isolation time is actually giving people the opportunity to do small activities they otherwise haven’t done in months, maybe years because uni is such a hectic time. Reading, sewing, cooking, gaming, writing are all some of the things people actually have time to pursue during this isolation period.

7. The Team

Even though we’re all far apart and unable to see each other because of social distancing it doesn’t mean that we have all forgotten about each other. Between the memes, the messages of support and everyone re-downloading House Party, we are doing our very best in a situation where it’s hard not to feel entirely powerless.

Keeping the community going in a distanced manner is so essential to maintaing high(ish) spirits up. Stay safe, and keep the wholesome quarantine content coming.