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Madonna’s son is a Fine Art fresher at UAL and a total snack

He’s a big vibe

Rocco Ritchie, the 18-year-old son of legendary singer Madonna and director Guy Ritchie has enrolled on a fine art degree at Central Saint Martins, one of the colleges of University Arts London.

Ritchie decided he would rather stay in London than study in New York. Rocco has lived with his father since 2006, after a nine-month custody battle with Madonna, which Ritchie won.

Apparently both parents are pleased he is doing something creative with his time and following his passion.

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CSM Student, Harry Rudham said: "I personally believe these things all get quite over-hyped as he’s Madonna's son and deserves to be treated as any other student at UAL, for his sake.

"It would be great if Madonna herself could contribute through a talk or lecture to the students. But if I had a parent as famous as Madonna I think I’d get quite bored of being Madonna’s son as opposed to myself as an individual."

According to a family friend, Ritchie loves his degree. They said: “He's proved his dedication by attending all his classes and throwing himself into studying. Plus, no one treats him like the son of a superstar — he feels like a normal student.

“Rocco takes his art really seriously. He had a wayward few years, but now he's dedicated to this new course and feels he really fits in with his course mates.”

CSM Student Declara Suni said: "To be honest its the norm now, at CSM you can bump into the famous, the soon to be famous and the want to be famous but everyone still feels as equal as ever."

Notable alumni at the school include Alexander McQueen, Paul McCartney's daughter Stella and John Galliano.

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