Wonder Woman 2 was being filmed next to UCL so we went down to take a look

One avid reporter quizzed crew members and got some info on the filming

The area surrounding UCL’s Bloomsbury campus was a swarm of filmmakers and confused students this Saturday, as filming for the sequel to Wonder Woman got underway.

Torrington Square was completely closed off to the public as the cast and crew of Wonder Woman 2 descended onto the neighbourhood. The Senate House car park was full of vintage Chryslers and Taxis with Washington number plates, and the building's foyer was filled with costume racks.

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The extras' costumes in Senate House

The exterior of Birkbeck and SOAS’s main entrances were transformed into a snow-covered Christmas market – complete with fake snow, Christmas trees and 100+ extras. The extras, whose dressing rooms were in conference rooms in Birkbeck, were dressed up in festive 80s winter clothing and seen hopping from one foot onto the other trying to keep warm on the cold seven degree Saturday. The dialogue between characters had been shot early in the day with the large mingling market-goer crowd scenes being shot in the afternoon.

From the American number plates in the car park, the extras dressed as police officers, and the conversations had with cast and crew, it would appear that the scene being filmed near campus is set in a Christmas Market in 1980s Washington.

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Washington DC number plates and taxis in the car park

The London Tab was told by members of the crew that this snowy Senate House-meets-America scene is right at the end of the script. Woman Woman 2 is currently scheduled to be released in 2020 so we'll have to wait until then to find out what went on behind the cameras.

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Getting ready for the actors to arrive

Unfortunately, no sightings or reports of the Wonder Woman Gal Gadot herself. Maybe she was wondering around Bloomsbury just like most University of London students… desperate to find an entrance to the library that wasn’t blocked off by security to meet those pesky coursework deadlines. Forget the Christmas market Wonder Woman, and please come save us from our essays!