‘This is a catastrophe’: Londoners react to Uber losing its London license

The apocalypse has come!

Today, Transport for London (TFL) banned Uber and for some people, the world ended then and there. TFL has decided not to renew Uber’s private hire operating licence, suspending Uber’s 40,000 drivers in the London area. The decision was made on grounds of “public safety and security implications”.

Uber has confirmed that it is going to fight the ban. It’s main argument: millions of young Londoners rely on Uber.

The Tab London decided to ask the public how they feel about the ban. In fact, I ended up breaking the news to quite a lot of people, and it felt rather like I was informing them about a death in the family.

Vicky, Recruitment Consultant:

What? What? I don't feel good about it. I use Uber a lot. Uber is the best thing it's safe and efficient. This is a catastrophe.

Jasmine and Mathild, Students

I see why they banned it but we're students so it's really useful. It's probably not safer than a black cab but it's easier to make contact. You always trust Uber maybe even if you shouldn't. It's sad but at least it's good for competition.

Cat,  Bookstore worker

I am not too sure I never really liked Uber. I only used it when there was no buses or other taxis. I don't know if it will make much of a difference for me, it's always been my last option for getting around.

Seb, Charity Worker

What? Fantastic cabbies can get there jobs back! I know it's been difficult for them. I have more respect for TFL now, I didn't realise they had such wallop!

Seline, Estate Agent

It's not possible. It's a real shame because I don't have a car. I used it when I was pregnant and too tired to take public transport. Ubers were really good about letting you travel with young babies they would just let you hold them instead of having to strap them in. It was very convenient and cheap.

Devon, Student

It’s better for society, people will have to walk more now. If you want a six pack like me, you have to start walking more!

Sammy, Retired

It's very bad. Uber is a good way of transport. I don't know why it's been banned? There is no specific reason for it to be banned in London, it's still going to be used in the rest of the country.

Sunniva, Student

I think it's really sad. It's just so easy to push the button…

Tessa, Sales Executive

I am quite sad about it. I used it twice a week. I am completely gutted. But at least now I'll save some money but it  this  will  be bad  for nights out. I always used Uber. You never really want to take the tube alone at night.

Rebecca, Brand Manager

I am annoyed that Uber’s banned because they're so convenient. But morally I get it. I would like Uber to get their act together so I can start using them again.