We asked people if they thought their degree was really worth £9,000

Some people actually said yes

Will we ever stop moaning?

Bailey, third year, Natural Sciences


“I think on the whole it is worth £9,000 because it is a well recognised degree, and the amount of money that goes into the labs. We could definitely do with some more though, and seats in lecture theatres. Standing desks are trendy, but they do require having a desk.”

Steph, third year, Physics


“I hope so, but I doubt it.”

Alex, third year, Economics and Business with EES


“Yes because a lot of the best paying jobs require a degree from a top university. I know over my lifetime the increased earnings from these jobs will offset the £27k investment.”

Joe, second year, SSEES History


“Not particularly as I don’t feel I’m being adequately prepared for the real world.”

Helena and Emily, first year, German and History

tumblr_nxypt3OuVk1r9hfmho1_540“Yes. The German department are baes.”

Natalie, second year, Geophysics

tumblr_nxz3wxyBQC1r9hfmho1_540 (1)

“Well, I did just spend five hours colouring in.”

Ina, first year, Fine Art


“Yeah, I think so.”

Joris, third year, BASc


“Yeah I don’t think it’s worth it, but I’d rather pay 9k to go to UCL than a worse uni. Compared to France it’s really expensive.”

Xuan Zhao, MSc Biochemical Engineering


“No, for international students they charge way too much compared to UK students. There isn’t much practical work and there isn’t much of a chance to communicate with the actual industry.”

Chihyeon Won, MEng Electronic and Electrical Engineering


“I sure hope so.”

Jack, fourth year, Chemistry


“Yeah, the degree’s value, but I don’t feel the degree makes you want to stay in Chemistry any longer than you necessarily have to.”