Adam Robertson is your BNOC of the year

Over 5,000 of you voted

After claiming over half of the vote in the BNOC final, Information Management student Adam Robertson has sailed his way into BNOC victory.


The competition was tough. Over 5,000 of you voted for your favourite campus celebs, but inevitably only one of these big names could claim the BNOC throne.

Winning the huge sum of 1,581 votes in the final, Group One representative Adam Robertson received double that of each of his competitors: “social butterfly” Andrew Tindall, and big lad Oladitan Oladipo.

On hearing of his victory, Adam said: “Wow this will look great on my CV”.

Adam will proceed to gold plate his already pimped out LinkedIn profile, in his ongoing mission to be a “baller”.

Adam later added: “What’s the prize? Do I get a Lamborghini?”


So here we are, your 2015 BNOC winner, the budding entrepeneur that has “as many A*s as he does abs”, Adam Robertson.

Long live the king.

Thankyou to everyone who voted, and to all of the nominees for their enthusiasm and cooperation. Stay stylish.