Campus style: KCL vs UCL

It’s the Clash of the Titans

The age-old rivalry between UCL and Kings is stuff of legend. Many a keen fresher has memorized Burlington Bertie (I’m short, fat and dirty – the song isn’t all that complimentary to either UC or Strand Poly to be honest) and hi-laaaaar-ious debates over who drinks more and who gets the most sex can be found taking place in all SU bars.

But with Varsity 2K15 over (and ending in style – UCL 12:9 KCL for those who missed it), we’re missing the collegiate spirit just as much as you. No more vaguely classist chants towards Kings, no more venturing out of Zone 2 to Allianz Park or Stratford to breathe in that team spirit and subtle stench of snake bites and excitement.

So, to ease the pain, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to introduce one final round to the London Varsity Series – campus style.

We’re in the Fashion Capital of the world. LFW ended but a few weeks ago, and the effects are of course on full show in the student community.

If you live in London, it’s edge, edge and more edge. Forget Leeds and Bristol – if you’ve never been to Shoreditch or Peckham then you’re not even a contester.

Sit back, relax and pick your favourite team. All contestants 100% London (or at least they pretend to be during their degrees).

George Stow, Maths – KCL

George Stow, Maths - KCL

Alex Guest, Astrophysics – UCL

Worryingly similar. Very smart people clearly have a penchant for glasses and panache.


Worryingly similar. People who are good with numbers clearly have a penchant for glasses and panache.

Harriet Oddy, Biomedical Sciences – UCL


Dom Chamberlain, Spanish – KCL


Emma Lucas, Natural Sciences – UCL


Bec Gosden, Maths – KCL


Leopard Print has made the jump from WC2.

Eva Williams, Anthropology – UCL

…to WC1.

Lexy Ogden, Politics & Economics – KCL


Hatty Hickey-Toorchen, Comparative Literature – KCL


Fab hat Hatty.

Ana Soubhia & Sophie Frost, Fine Art – UCL

Fine artists have all the fun.

Ryushi Lindsay, Lib Arts – KCL


Alex Mosey, Law & French – UCL


London’s most dashing bachelors.