UCL volunteers open ‘street store’ for the homeless

Aren’t we lovely

More than 50 UCL volunteers ran London’s first pop-up ‘street store’ earlier this month.

And this wasn’t your normal pop-up stall you see in Hoxton, selling your grandma’s “vintage” coat back to you at the cost of your week’s rent.

No, this pop-up stall was for the benefit of the homeless and included an all-day food kitchen and fetching piles of colourful clothes


The project aims to raise awareness of homelessness in the UK, as well as restoring the dignity to the homeless by allowing them to choose their own clothes instead of accepting whatever is given to them.

David Le, the project co-coordinator, explained: “Instead of handing out clothes or food to homeless people, we do it in a way that makes them feel empowered, so they have choices like everyone else does”


Donation boxes were set up around UCL in the weeks previous to the event, providing over 300 item of clothing that were given out on the day on Islington green. So far, the organisers have raised £600 for the project through selling food on campus.


The homeless were able to select their food and clothes with tickets from local shelters.

The organises added that they “hope the project will be continued by more UCL students becoming involved”.